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Healthy Living Blog

Japanese Bidet Toilet Seat Culture

Posted on Mar 23rd 2021

Japanese Bidet Toilet Seat Culture

The value of personal hygiene in Japan Japanese culture places a high value on personal hygiene, and this facilitated the success of the Japanese bidet toilet. If you’ve visited a traditional … read more
How Much Water Does a Bidet Use?

Posted on Sep 30th 2020

How Much Water Does a Bidet Use?

Bidets users are unique among today’s smart set of personal health enthusiasts. Among the many traits they tend to possess like curiosity, tech savvy, good hygiene and eyes toward the future is a d … read more
Who Invented the Bidet?

Posted on Jun 28th 2018

Who Invented the Bidet?

A Brief History of Butt Washers The invention of the bidet – the best and most effective way to clean our rear ends – isn’t covered in most history text books… but maybe it should be! Until th … read more