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Heated Toilet Seats

Our flagship heated toilet seat, the LumaWarm, offers the luxury of a heated seat and the convenience of an LED nightlight--but many of our high-end bidets also include a heated seat feature. No more wincing at the cold seat during the colder months!

Say goodbye to freezing cold toilet seats and glaring overhead lights during those midnight trips to the bathroom. Now say hello to the LumaWarm - a welcoming, heated toilet seat featuring the cool glow of a nightlight.

There’s nothing more jarring than turning on the bathroom light in the middle of the night only to sit down on a freezing cold toilet seat

LumaWarm Heated Toilet Seat with Nightlight

  • Adjustable heated seat (3 temperature settings)
  • Illuminating nightlight (blue color)
  • Long-lasting, energy-efficient LED light bulb
  • Gentle-closing seat and lid
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Fits all standard toilet fixtures
  • Powered by standard GFI wall outlet
  • One (1) year limited warranty

For our valued customers who own a Breeza or a Breeza Warm toilet seat, please rest assured that we do still carry the Breeza Filter to keep your seats working at their optimum capacities.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a Canadian customer, the price at checkout for LumaWarm will be $10 higher than US pricing.

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