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Integrated Smart Bidet Toilet

Bathroom luxury takes a leap with our Sutro Integrated Smart Bidet Toilet. Sutro redefines personal hygiene with cutting-edge technology, including automatic, hands-free features. Pamper yourself and the planet with endless warm water washes, a heated dryer, and more—while a sleek, one-piece profile elevates bathroom design and functionality.



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An elegant approach to smarter washes.

Reimagine bathroom visits with Sutro. Wash and go using auto mode presets, or tailor your spray with fully adjustable water temperature and pressure. Sutro elevates personal hygiene beyond the basics with endless warm water washes, a retractable nozzle with UV light cleaning, a heated seat, an active carbon deodorizer, an illuminating LED nightlight, and more.

Redefine luxury and design with Sutro’s sleek, one-piece construction and automatic features. Using the Sutro is a near hands-free experience from beginning to end, from its remote-controlled seat and auto-open/close lid to its pre-rinse and auto-flush functions. Reduce toilet paper waste and help the planet with Sutro’s integrated bidet, warm air dryer, and WaterSense certification, saving you more water per flush. Plus, Sutro offers sustainable flushing without sacrificing performance—thanks to its industry-leading 1000 MaP rating and high-performance, dual-stream jet and siphon.

NOTE: Sutro has a limited return policy. Please ensure your bathroom meets installation requirements before ordering.

  • remote-controlled seat and auto-open/close lid

  • self-cleaning bowl pre-rinse, anti-stain ceramic glaze, and automatic flushing

  • high-performance, dual jet and siphon flush removes 1000g of waste with a single flush

  • built-in, self-cleaning bidet delivers premium, customizable washes

  • advanced air dryer with 3 fan speeds and adjustable temperature

  • heated toilet seat, auto LED nightlight, and deodorizer

  • streamlined, no-drill installation with user-friendly mounting brackets

Item #IBT-1000

Full Features

Your wash, your way
  • fully adjustable water pressure and temperature
  • five-position, arced spray nozzle with oscillation function
  • self-cleaning nozzle retracts when not in use
  • additional UV NozzleClean setting helps ensure a hygienic wash
  • aerated water cleans gently and effectively
Features you’ll love
  • ceramic water heater provides endless warm water washes
  • carbon deodorizer and LED nightlight deliver comfort and convenience
  • wireless remote control and auxiliary control panel
  • heated toilet seat with 6 temperature levels
  • industry-leading, 1000g MaP rating ensures Sutro removes 1000g of waste with a single flush
  • elegant ceramic bowl with anti-stain glaze
  • sleek, one-piece design
  • streamlined, no-drill installation with user-friendly mounting brackets
Hands-free hygiene
  • remote-controlled seat and auto-open/close lid
  • pre-rinse setting runs before use, preventing build-up
  • convenient auto-flush option offers flushing when your "go" is complete
  • advanced air dryer with 3 fan speeds and adjustable temperature
  • auxiliary panel features one-touch auto mode
  • emergency flush feature allows for flushing in case of power outages
Sustainability in your bathroom
  • save water without sacrificing flushing performance with WaterSense certification
  • industry-leading flushing performance—using just 1.28 gallons per flush
  • high-performance, dual jet and siphon removes 1000g of waste with a single flush, saving water while reducing plumbing clogs
  • optional eco mode reduces energy usage
  • using less toilet paper saves water, trees, and energy
  • requires access to a GFCI outlet

Installation Requirements

Sutro has specific installation requirements. Please ensure your bathroom meets the following before purchasing:

    • The centerline of the floor drain must be 12" from the finished back wall. Do not include the thickness of baseboard molding when taking this measurement.

    • The centerline of the angle stop (water supply valve) must be 8" above the finished floor and 9"-11" to the left of the centerline of the floor drain.

    • The angle stop will need to have a 1/2" or 3/8" MIP (male pipe thread) to connect to the included T-Valve.

    • The minimum operating water pressure must be 35 psi / 0.24 MPa.

Shipping and Limited Return Policy

"Basic Curbside" delivery is included with this product. Learn more.

Please note: Customer must provide phone number at checkout for delivery appointment scheduling.

NOTE: Due to Sutro's size and weight, returns for this product due to incorrect measuring, incompatibility, and other factors are not accepted. Please read our full Limited Returns Policy here.


Useful Resources
26.9”(L) x 15.2”(W) x 17.7”(H)
99.2 lb
Power Cord Length
3.9 ft
120V / 60Hz
Flush Volume
1.28 gpf / 4.8 Ipf
Flush Type
High-Performance Siphon and Single Jet
12” / 30.48 cm
3-year limited warranty
Model Number/SKU
  • cETL
  • cUPC
  • FCC
  • MaP
  • WaterSense