At Brondell, we are committed to you and our community. We seek out opportunities to help those in need, including wounded veterans, home-bound senior citizens, senior living facility residents and caregivers, and families in need of clean water.

Giving back to our heroes

Brondell partners with Liftseat and the Walter Reed Military Medical Center’s rehabilitation apartments to provide bidet seats, and we have donated bidet seats to our veteran’s through Mission Plus One and T-Shirts for Troops to help get our veterans back into the comfort of their own homes after they’re injured in the line of duty.

These bidets not only provide a gentle clean that can help in the healing process, but they also offer comfort and continence care and can lead to improved independence. In the words of one bidet seat recipient, “It was really nice getting an electronic device, figuring out how it works on my own, and not having to contact my daughter to show me how to operate it – especially this type of device.”

Senior living communities

Giving back to our seniors is a vital part of how we serve. As a Senior Living Foresight Partner, we partner with local senior living communities with programs focused on the health, hygiene, and independence/dignity in the bathroom.

In Spring 2020, during the height of the COVID pandemic, Brondell donated 6500 KN95 masks to senior living communities in need of person protection equipment (PPE).

Helping ease the COVID crisis

COVID-19 has been a challenge for all of us in many ways. And during the early days of the crisis, shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) was a huge concern for healthcare providers and others on the front lines. Looking for ways to help, Brondell donated thousands of units of PPE to senior living communities to help keep the residents and those caring for them every day healthy and safe.

Giving clean water to families in need

When there was a serious lead problem in a neighborhood of Newark, New Jersey, we stepped in to help. Brondell donated 2,000 certified water filtration systems to affected homes and community centers and worked with local Newark non-profit Happy Hands and Illinois-based LeSaint Logistics who helped distribute and install these systems to reduce the high levels of toxic lead in the water.

Improving air during dangerous wildfires

In 2019, Brondell partnered with the SF LGBT Center with a donation of air purification systems to those impacted by wildfires. Employees of Brondell organized a donation to various organizations focused on wildfire relief.

In 2020 California was again devastated by wildfires throughout the state. We recognized that the thick smoke and ash impacted many in northern California. Brondell partnered with Meals on Wheels San Francisco to donate air purification systems to seniors affected by the California wildfires.

Bringing hygiene to women in Haiti and the Philippine Islands

Brondell has donated thousands of Go Spa Travel Bidets to Bridges Global Missions, helping women in small villages in Haiti and the Philippines. These women have limited bathroom facilities and often use primitive means of cleaning themselves, which can lead to infections and other hygiene issues. The donation helps women access proper hygiene in an area where it’s scarce.

Triple matching donations

At Brondell, we double match donations of all employees to certain organizations, ultimately giving a triple donation to each. We started this in 2017 for hurricane relief, continued in 2018 for wildfire relief, and in 2020, matched donations for social justice and Black Lives Matter donations.

Do you have ideas on how Brondell can give back?

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