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The Flush Guide

Your wash, your way
A bidet for
every body.
Your wash, your way
A bidet for
every body.

A cleaner bathroom routine (for people and the planet).

What is a bidet?
A bidet is a bathroom fixture or toilet add-on designed to reduce or eliminate the need for toilet paper by offering users a hygienic way to cleanse with water after using the bathroom. There are many types of bidets: you can opt for a handheld sprayer installed next to the toilet, an attachment that’s installed under the toilet seat, a replacement toilet seat, or a smart toilet with an integrated bidet. In Europe, you may have also seen a separate porcelain basin that looks almost like a simplified second toilet, though this model is uncommon in North America. In general, bidets of all kinds are popular throughout Europe and Asia, and are beginning to gain popularity in North America.
Why the bidet?
While they may seem like a somewhat foreign concept to those in North America, bidets have a rich history in both Europe and Asia, and are widely used and often preferred in many parts of the world. They’re arguably the cleanest, healthiest, and most environmentally friendly option for a post-bathroom cleanse, as they use only clean water for washing (to keep you at your freshest). Bidets are also very gentle, making them ideal for those experiencing sensitivities, injuries, or infections. A bidet will also help you reduce—or even eliminate—your toilet paper usage, improving not only your hygiene, but raising your cost savings and sustainability, too.
Environmental Impact
Offering a cleaner restroom routine (that’s less irritating, too), bidets use a fraction of the resources needed to manufacture toilet paper. Whether you cut down on TP usage or eliminate it completely, you’ll save trees, water, and energy by switching to a bidet.
Cost Savings
Routine purchase of toilet paper and flushable wipes can really add up—not to mention the cost involved with the occasional clogged pipe. Americans alone spend about $8 billion dollars per year on toilet paper. Despite upfront costs of a bidet, savings over the lifetime of the product are sure to pay off. Current estimates put cost savings between $50-$75 per year, per user.
Pregnancy—and beyond
Bidets are deeply cleansing and supportive for the limited mobility and sensitive parts that many mothers experience before and after birth. (Handheld bidets are also an excellent way to cleanse infants and cloth diapers.)
Health Conditions
Washing with soothing water can help with temporary and chronic health conditions, including hemorrhoids, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and Crohn's disease. Bidet water also provides soothing relief from UTI symptoms during treatment, and can help aid in the prevention of future infections .
From basic to luxurious: we’ve got a bidet for every bathroom (and every body).
Handheld bidets are manually operated and do not require electricity. They provide a pure, clean flush and have a range of uses beyond the basic bidet spray—working as a cloth diaper sprayer, or handheld shower for rinsing pets if the tub is nearby. Also known as a shattaf, handheld bidets install easily and holster near or on your toilet within easy reach. Wash water is usually ambient (at or below room temperature). Handheld bidets are an affordable, convenient option for renters, multi-restroom households, or those looking for an exceptionally sustainable bidet wash.
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Advanced options may include attachments or bidet seats. Enjoy a hands-free experience with customizable settings and the option for front and rear washes. Advanced bidets are easier on the wallet than luxury models, but can still offer a range of upgraded cleansing and comforting features to enjoy, including dual-temperature washes. Our attachments and seats are easy to install, and are an excellent option for apartment dwellers, multi-bathroom households, and those looking to reduce toilet paper waste.
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For homeowners wanting the ultimate in comfort and pampering, consider an electronic bidet seat with features that take luxury to the next level. Luxury bidet toilet seats provide a high level of customization, with features that include endless warm water washes, a warm air dryer, odor-trapping carbon deodorization, and illuminating LED nightlight. With side-arm panel and remote options available, it’s easy to control every aspect of your wash. Elevate every bathroom in the house—or create an oasis just for yourself.
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Integrated bidet toilets: sleek, feature-packed, and design-forward.

For a truly modern, luxurious, and sustainable bathroom, our integrated bidet toilet is unmatched. Unlike bidet attachments and seats, which connect onto an existing toilet, our Sutro Integrated Smart Bidet Toilet provides a more permanent and elegant upgrade, improving comfort and hygiene in the bathroom while reducing your carbon footprint.

Advanced bidet features and comforts—like a heated seat, warm air dryer, and more—are just the beginning of what this smart toilet offers. Sutro provides a hygienic, nearly hands-free experience with automatic lid and flush functions and a remote-controlled seat.

Sutro is WaterSense certified, saving 20% more water compared to standard toilets while using just 1.28 gallons per flush. Sutro features a high-performance siphon and jet, and is MaP certified to effectively remove 1000 grams (2.2 pounds) of waste per flush—the highest rating available. The end result? A water-saving toilet that doesn’t cut corners on flushing performance.

How do bidets work?

Each bidet is a little different in terms of functionality, but the purpose behind them is the same (no pun intended). But how do they work? Simply put, a bidet uses a stream of clean water to take the place of toilet paper after you use the bathroom. Bidets use water from your incoming water supply, attaching at either your wall or your sink (never using water from your toilet). A concentrated stream of water is turned on at the touch of a button or twist of a knob; bidet nozzles can be either stationary or positionable, depending on style and model. Additional features may include self-cleaning nozzles and carbon deodorization for an all-around hygienic restroom routine.

If your first impression of bidets is that they’re messy or unsanitary, think again. Many of today’s modern bidets and attachments utilize retractable nozzles which tuck away automatically when the system is not in use. Automatic, self-cleansing nozzle technology ensures exceptional sanitation for both the system and the user, with higher-end models including an extra option for additional nozzle cleaning on demand. Want a little less technology? Handheld sprayers are another option for an easy (and affordable) spray, perfect for users looking for a nozzle-free cleanse.


How to use a bidet.

Your wash, your way.

Take care of business
First, do what you came to do. After you are completely finished, you’ll reach for your bidet. If you have a handheld sprayer, you’ll grab the sprayer from its mount. If you have a bidet seat attachment, you’ll reach down to the right or left for the controls. And if you have a luxury bidet seat, you’ll reach for your remote or side-arm control panel.
Start your bidet wash.
Make sure that the settings, if any, are set the way you enjoy them. Then turn your bidet on using the respective “wash” dial or if you have a remote, on the panel of the remote control. The spray nozzle will extend beneath you. There may be a brief pause before your wash starts as the nozzle cleans itself and the water heats up.
Customize for comfort.
As the stream of water from the bidet begins to flow, you can make adjustments for comfort and precision. With a bidet toilet seat, it’s easy to customize your spray settings—adjust the water temperature, water pressure, nozzle position, and spray width from the control panel. Experiment to see which settings suit you best. When you’re finished with your wash, press Stop on the control panel—and take a moment to enjoy the so-fresh feeling.
Dry off and get back to your day.
Pat yourself dry with a fresh bidet towel (similar to a hand towel) or use a couple of squares of toilet paper to gently absorb any residual moisture. If your bidet toilet seat includes a warm air dryer, you can press the Dry button on the control panel. A complete air dry will take a few minutes—relax and enjoy.
Better living with a bidet.
A salient solution for seniors.
As we age, our balance and coordination naturally diminish. Necessary activities, like visits to the bathroom, become daily challenges that can pose a fall risk. With a bidet, there’s no twisting or turning to wipe—an easy, handheld remote or conveniently located knob does the job for you. Washing is gentle on delicate skin and areas that may be sensitive or easily irritated, and offers a comfortable way to manage symptoms associated with conditions such as Crohn's Disease and hemorrhoids. Seniors and caregivers alike will appreciate the independence that bidets bring back to the bathroom. Beneficial on multiple levels, bidets can help improve quality of life and self-confidence while comfortably elevating hygiene.
Bidets for all bodies.
People living with disabilities can benefit enormously from a bidet toilet seat. Using a bidet provides not only ease of care, but greater independence in the bathroom. We believe bidets help preserve the dignity that everyone deserves—with added comfort and cleanliness, too.
Businesses are adding bidets.
With more and more households embracing bidets, it makes sense that businesses are following suit. From high-end hotels and restaurants to cruise ships and airplanes, bidets are popping up in popular places. The idea of using a public bidet might make you feel a bit uneasy. Learning more about how a bidet works should help you view—and hopefully use—public bidets with greater understanding. Bidets use the same water that flows through a tub or sink (the water is never from the toilet tank or toilet), and retractable, self-cleaning nozzle technology to ensure that essential components stay perfectly clean. Sharing a bidet is similar to sharing any other toilet—except that you’ll walk away feeling cleaner, while using less of our planet’s precious resources.

Fact: traditional toilets are wiping out resources.

Americans alone go through 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper annually. That’s 15 million trees for pulp, or a forest the size of Lake Tahoe. When you consider the deforestation issues our world faces, it’s easy to see that toilet paper is a huge part of the problem.

It isn’t just trees that are taking the hit: producing just one roll of toilet tissue requires up to 37 gallons of water. (We were shocked, too.) Brondell’s bidets only use about 1/8 of a gallon of water per wash—making the potential for annual water savings exponential. But that’s not the worst of toilet paper’s bad wrap. A variety of chemicals are involved in the manufacturing process, including bleaching agents that pollute local water resources, harming sea life. Transporting those billions of rolls around the globe wastes valuable resources like oil, and contributes to air and ocean pollution. Switching to a bidet helps to conserve trees, water, and energy—keeping you clean, sustainably.

In addition to developing tree- and water-saving products, Brondell is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. We donate 1% of every purchase on select bidet attachments in our Flush category, including our SimpleSpa Eco.

You’ve washed—now what?

Will you still need toilet paper with a bidet? That’s up to you. Toilet paper is entirely optional once you’ve experienced a bidet clean. You may consider investing in a set of reusable bamboo bidet towels to pat dry—just as you’d dry your clean body off after a shower, you can towel dry after a bidet wash, too. If your model has a warm air dryer, toilet paper isn’t needed. And even if you choose to use a bit of toilet paper to dab away excess water, you’ll still enjoy lowered cost (and increased sustainability) over using toilet paper alone.

Toilet paper waste, by the numbers.

15 million trees are cut down each year for toilet paper in North America alone.
Toilet paper is a $30 billion dollar industry. (That’s a lot of wiping.)
22% of American households own at least one bidet—and thankfully, that number is growing.
90% of flushable wipes contain plastic, meaning they don’t disappear like you’d think.

Bidets: the backstory.

The first bidet is said to have been created in the 1600s in France. Since clean water was at a premium in those days, and people didn’t bathe with the regularity that they do today, it was a way to quickly cleanse the most essential parts of the body.

The name itself is a French word meaning “pony,” a not-so-subtle nod to the way you sit on or straddle the basin—which was originally a porcelain bowl for water set into a wooden stand or chair, kept in the bedroom next to a chamber pot. The addition of a water pump and tank didn't come until the 18th century, a much more sanitary solution that didn’t require the use of your bare hands. Indoor plumbing would eventually bring the bidet from the bedroom into the bathroom, where it would become the familiar porcelain fixture we know today.

A welcome upgrade for modern bathrooms.

The evolution of bidet seats and attachments is a more recent invention—though they were often bulky, complicated to operate, and a bit of an eyesore. It wasn’t until a bit later that American manufacturers like Brondell saw the value in these seats and produced the new models we see today that are sleek, intuitive, affordable, easy to install. And if history has anything to say about it, the future of electronic bidet seats is looking pretty bright.

Types of bidets

Electronic bidet toilet seats
Bidet toilet seats replace your existing toilet seat, with a wide range of options and customizations. Proximity to a grounded GFCI outlet is required for full operation and use. Models can feature tankless water heating systems for endless warm water on demand, or hybrid water heating systems which hold and heat water as you use it. From an eco-friendly, non-electric model to luxury options with customizable settings, there’s an electronic bidet toilet seat for every body. Check out this comparison chart for a quick understanding of what each bidet has to offer.
Bidet attachments
Easy to install, a bidet toilet seat attachment can fit easily into your existing toilet, seat and all. If you’re currently renting your home, working with a limited budget, or are just new to bidets, an attachment can be a great place to start.

Brondell bidet attachments don’t use electricity, so the mechanism that allows for their spray is quite simple: they’re powered by the water pressure in your home’s pipes! A bidet attachment redirects water from the pipes into a nozzle that you control. Note that even though electricity isn’t required, some models provide a warm water wash by connecting to your sink’s hot water supply. While many models have a self-cleaning nozzle feature, those that don’t can be easily maintained by wiping with a damp cloth as needed.
Handheld bidets
Handheld bidets are an inexpensive and easy way to add a cleansing tool to your repertoire without changing your existing toilet. You’ll simply hook it up to the waterline and place the mount near your toilet, in a place that’s easy to grab when you need it. Maintenance is simple—just wipe clean with a damp cloth if needed.
Travel bidets
Portable bidet bottles fit conveniently in your briefcase, purse, suitcase, or glove box for an instant bidet wash anywhere, anytime—so you don’t have to compromise when it comes to staying clean.

Installing a bidet

Our bidet seats, attachments, and handheld sprayers are designed for simple, DIY installation with no plumbing know-how required. Visit our Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions and video support

Not up for a DIY install? Brondell has partnered with TaskRabbit, an American online and mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks. Additionally, our US-based customer service team is always ready to help you with any questions about your purchase.

Installing a bidet

Our bidet seats, attachments, and handheld sprayers are designed for simple, DIY installation with no plumbing know-how required. Visit our Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions and video support specific to each model.

Not up for a DIY install? Brondell has partnered with TaskRabbit, an American online and mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks. Additionally, our US-based customer service team is always ready to help you with any questions about your purchase.

Integrated bidet toilets

An integrated bidet toilet is an advanced toilet and a bidet—combined. These sleek, modern fixtures include high-tech features for convenience, cleanliness, and comfort. Elevate your bathroom experience with a heated seat, wireless remote control, automatic lid, seat, and flush system to limit hand-to-toilet contact, and more.

Sometimes known as a smart toilet, integrated bidet toilets usually have stylish designs and innovative internal components. Sleek, one-piece profiles add a contemporary accent to bathroom decor, and hygienic features like an automatic pre-rinse and powerful, dual-siphon flushing help maintain cleanliness.

Though integrated bidet toilets often hold the most advanced features, they’re also a permanent addition to your bathroom, unlike other kinds of bidets which can be easily removed and attached to other toilets. They require electricity to function and may need the help of a professional to install, but it’s worth the effort if ultimate comfort and cutting-edge technology are priorities.

Installing a bidet

Our bidet seats, attachments, and handheld sprayers are designed for simple, DIY installation with no plumbing know-how required. Visit our Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions and video support specific to each model.

Not up for a DIY install? Brondell has partnered with Taskrabbit, an American online and mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks. Additionally, our customer service team is always ready to help you with any questions about your purchase.

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