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What Is A Bidet Attachment?

Posted by Brian Inami on May 17th 2013

Bidet attachments have grown in popularity over recent years as they are both affordable and versatile. With an easy do-it-yourself install, bidet attachments fit nearly all toilets. No need for additional plumbing or electrical and no need to replace your toilet seat. Bidet attachments install between your existing toilet seat and toilet. For those new to using a bidet wash, the price point of a bidet attachment provides the ability to test it out without committing to a larger purchase. Also, for those on a budget a bidet attachment provides the ability to simply have a bidet wash.

Inside look of the bidet attachment with metal connection and brass valves

Things to look for in a high quality bidet attachment are metal connections, internal brass valve(s) and rated hosing. Since the bidet attachment is constantly under water pressure it is very important to have only the highest quality materials. Plastic expands over time when it is under pressure and will eventually cause a leak and/or flood. A brass internal valve along with metal connections and rated hosing is the only way to avoid this. The FreshSpa series of bidet attachments have brass internal valves, all metal connections and braided PVC hose for cold water connections rated for up to 150psi and high quality tubing for hot water connection rated for up to 212?F and 150psi.

FreshSpa dual temperature bidet attachment infographic

A bidet attachment is perfect for a second bathroom, those of us who rent their homes, are on a budget and those with no access to electrical. For those with mobility issues a bidet attachment is a great hygiene solution as simply with the turn of the knob a bidet water wash is provided. Both caregivers and those receiving care in assisted living situations are grateful for the bidet attachment.