Environmental Impact

The Truth About Toilet Paper

Your favorite toilet paper company jingle won’t reveal the tremendous amount of natural resources, literally flushed down the toilet every every year:

Americans go through 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper annually.

That’s 15 million trees for pulp, or a forest the size of Lake Tahoe.
Plus 473 billion gallons of water, or 37 gallons to produce just one roll.
Add to that 17.3 terawatts of electricity, or enough to power 53K homes for a year.

It’s time to ditch tree-killing, water-guzzling, power-draining toilet paper.

A Healthy Home Starts With a Healthy Planet

As convenient as they are, electronics are filled with toxins, inclusive of arsenic, lead, cadmium, and other contaminants that can leak into our ecosystem, damaging plant and animal life, potentially impacting our food and water supply.

Brondell is making a big difference in reducing wasteful destruction of our environment.

We are going beyond making great healthy home products that reduce the environmental impact of humans. When electronic products are returned to us, we don’t simply restock them. That goes against our health and safety standards. For example, we don’t resell bidets that had water run through the device, and we don’t simply trash items that contain electronic components.

We Don't Restock, We Restore

We pride ourselves in disassembling components of unsellable products, and disposing of them properly, always with the environment in mind:

Electronic components are carefully removed for proper recycling

Reusable parts are kept and restored to reduce waste

Any plastic component is recycled

Anything that cannot be reused or recycled is disposed

This also applies to our efforts to migrate towards more eco-friendly packaging, leveraging more recycled components for our products. This effort is a sizable cost to us. Recycling is expensive and there are many regulations we must follow.

We gladly take on this effort, because it reflects our commitment to a healthier and happier environment, and ultimately, a healthier you. That’s why we work together with E-Recycling of California to properly salvage reusable technology.