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Bidets are Safe for Women and Here's How to Use Them

Posted by Steve Scheer on Feb 22nd 2018

Bidets: the bathroom bestie women need to get to know

organized bathroom drawer

It’s a fact: you have more bathroom products than the average guy even knows exist. But there’s one essential (and dare we say, life-changing) item that you may not have discovered yet. Ladies, meet the bidet.

At best, that word might conjure visions of french-style living, or elegant, sophisticated spaces in Japan. At worst, it might sound a little off-putting. But the truth is, they’re becoming more and more popular, not just in Asia and Europe, but worldwide. And while bidets can benefit everyone (and your partner might end up liking it just as much as you do), they offer special benefits for women.

Are bidets safe and effective for women? Yes. Let’s take a look at how bidets can help women feel fresh, stay healthy, and be ready for whatever life throws your way.

Improve your hygiene “down there”

pink menstral cup graphic against light gray background

It happens every month, like clockwork. It’s likely predictably unpleasant, but you’ve found tricks over the years that help. But still, your menstrual cycle is never comfortable, and can present an array of uncomfortable situations.

Here’s the backstory on why: when your body is in the process of cleansing blood, cervical and vaginal mucus, and (yes), degenerated endometrial particles, it can be painful, messy, and even pungent. The best way to support this process is to help your body flush it all away. This practice can also help prevent strong odors and that general feeling of being “not quite fresh” down there.

A lesser-known benefit of bidets comes into play if you take advantage of menstrual cups. Do you know that you can clean your menstrual cup with the water nozzle? This way, you don’t have to leave the toilet if you want to take care of your feminine hygiene all in one place. Similarly, bidets are ideal for postpartum hygiene and make it easy to keep clean without irritating a part of the body that's already been through quite a bit of trauma.

Types of bidets for women

graphic bidet attachment with nozzle spray against peach background

What is the best bidet for women? Many toilet seat bidets are designed specifically for women, with a bidet feminine wash feature designed to help you cleanse. This gentle cleansing rinses the area clean, removes any odor and helps to make what can be an uncomfortable time of the month a little more pleasant.

A more affordable and still very effective option is a handheld sprayer, which you can control manually. It provides additional flexibility if you want to use it to rinse say, a Diva cup or a messy toddler.

UTIs and bladder infection relief

You wore your wetsuit for too long, soaking wet. You’ve been eating way too much sugar, and you know it. Or maybe you’re just prone to yeast and urinary tract infections, for reasons that are still unclear to you. Regardless of the reason behind it, you’re not alone: they’re as common in women as they are unpleasant. And for many women, they’re a recurring issue that can cause itching, discharge, and unpleasant odor. While a bidet won’t cure infections, they can help immensely in soothing symptoms during treatment as well as helping to prevent future UTIs by reducing the presence of bacteria.

Constipation relief for women

Hey, it happens to all of us sometimes. It’s uncomfortable, hard to address, and makes us feel less than our best, especially in high-rise jeans. Higher-end bidets offer adjustable water pressure and temperature options that give you full control, for a spa-like experience that can help stimulate peristalsis and help get things moving. Of course, it makes cleaning up after a breeze, too.

Pregnancy and postpartum care

empty toilet paper roll with hand holding last square graphic against gray background

Pregnancy brings a lot of wonder, excitement, and well, unexpected changes. A common one women experience that goes undiscussed? Hemorrhoids. Of course, women can experience hemorrhoids throughout their life, but they are definitely most common in pregnant women and are more likely to occur as you age. If you are experiencing these swollen and inflamed veins in your derrière, a bidet can help to heal quickly, and with a lot less discomfort. Wiping with harsh toilet paper is the last thing you need. Instead, a warm, gentle spray can help reduce inflammation and soothe sensitive areas. Avoiding wiping in general can help you prevent hemorrhoids, and keep you oh-so-fresh and clean.

Once your little one enters the world, you’ll need to take special care of “down there” for weeks afterwards. A cool, gentle spray is the most ideal way to cleanse, especially if you’ve experienced tearing or had to have stitches put in place. Stay clean, free of infection, and avoid rubbing or irritating the area with toilet paper. Such a simple solve, with such profound results.

Easy way to clean cloth diapers

Single-use diapers are convenient. But they don’t exactly pamper your wallet or the environment. On average, a baby uses between 5,000 and 6,000 diapers, according to the New York Times. That’s a lot of money to spend–and a lot of non-biodegradable diapers that end up in landfills.

Given the downsides, it’s no wonder many new moms prefer reusable cloth diapers. But how do you clean them? Handheld bidet sprayers to the rescue.

These sprayers simply connect to your toilet’s clean water supply, so a gentle wash is always in reach. Not only will they provide a hygienic cleanse for you–they’re great for cleaning cloth diapers, too. Just position the dirty cloth diaper in the toilet (but above the water), spray off any remaining waste into the bowl, and flush. Adding this easy step lets you enjoy all of the eco-friendly benefits of cloth diapers and a considerably less stinky hamper.

Bonus benefit: Bring the spa experience right to your bathroom our bidets are a great addition to any bathroom.

luxurious modern bathroom with natural wood grain cabinetry and large modern bathtub featuring brondell luxury bidet seat installed on standard toilet></p><p>
	Think of how much you can spend just on one or two spa-day services. While it’s totally worth it, it’s even better to invest in at-home items that you can use again and again, with the same (and often improving) results.</p><p>
	Now, you don’t even have to leave your bathroom, much less your house, to have a truly pampering experience. With features like a warm water wash, wireless remote control, adjustable heated seat, warm air dryer, and more, <a href=

Bidets make amazing gifts for the women you love (or for yourself.) They’re thoughtful for housewarming or even for Mother’s Day—yep, a bidet should be at the top of your gifting list! Learn more about bidets in our cleaner bathroom guide.