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Pearl Carbon Block
Filter Replacement

Thanks to its carbon block filter, the Pearl keeps your cup brimming with delicious, refreshing water. Replacing the filter every 6 months ensures that it stays that way.

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Great-tasting, filtered water starts here.

Drinking water is better with less turbidity and fewer contaminants. Your Pearl Countertop Water Filtration System works overtime to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bad tastes and odors, and more. Eventually, all of that filtering can lead to clogging, which stops the Pearl from operating at peak capacity. Replace the filter in your Pearl every 6 months to get your tap water back on track.

  • activated carbon block filter

  • designed for easy installation

Item #HF-25

Full Features

Activated carbon block filtration
  • reduces turbidity (cloudiness) and VOCs
  • helps trap unwanted chemicals like aesthetic chlorine
  • reduces bad tastes and unpleasant odors
Crystal clear benefits
  • quick and easy filter replacement
  • long-lasting, 6-month filter life

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8.25"(H) x 3"(Dia)
Advanced Carbon Block Filter (HF-25): 6 months
Model Number/SKU