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Open-Box Omigo
Collapsible Travel Bidet

Our take on the modern travel bidet. Collapsible and compact so you can take it anywhere—perfect for on-the-go freshness.

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Don’t go anywhere without it.

Going somewhere? With our BPA-free, silicone travel bidet, staying fresh on the go has never been easier. Just fill it with water, pop the nozzle, and squeeze for a clean, refreshing bidet wash. We know packing space is precious, and our Omigo Travel Bidet is designed with that in mind. Thanks to its hygienic, pop-up nozzle and collapsible build, the bidet packs down to just five inches—shorter than the length of an average toothbrush. Whether you’re in the great outdoors or staying in a hotel, our travel bidet is your ticket to freshness.

  • a fully portable travel bidet wash

  • compact, collapsible design

  • pop-up nozzle provides a targeted spray

  • hiking, camping, RVs, hotel travel, and more

Item #Omigo Travel Bidet

Full Features

A portable bidet wash for every body
  • bottle expands to fill with warm or cool water
  • crafted from durable, BPA-free silicone
  • pop-up nozzle provides a targeted spray
  • offers soothing postpartum support
Compact, collapsible design
  • portable and discreet travel bidet
  • collapses to under 5 inches for travel and storage
  • hygienic pop-up nozzle stows between uses
  • press nozzle gently to retract for travel/storage
  • engineered and proven for over 20,000 washes
Sustainability on-the-go
  • an excellent travel bidet for hiking, camping, RVs, hotel travel, and more
  • reduces or eliminates the need for toilet paper
  • a portable backpacking bidet; helps to avoid “packing out” used tissue in nature settings
  • powered by squeeze pressure—no need for batteries or electricity
Fill when ready for use
  • holds 500 milliliters; 16.9 ounces
  • expand and fill to wash; empty and collapse when done
  • bottle is not designed for leakproof travel when full
  • includes discreet carrying bag for bidet storage and travel

Travel Bidet FAQs.

Can I keep it full of water all the time?

The Omigo Travel Bidet is not leakproof, so you should always completely empty the bidet of all water after each use and before stowing away.

How do I dry off?

After you’re done washing, simply pat dry with a few squares of toilet paper to finish the job. You won’t have to use as much as you normally would—and you’ll feel fresher, too.

How do you get clean?

The Omigo Travel Bidet is designed to be easy-to-squeeze which gives you control over the power of the spray. The harder you squeeze, the higher the pressure.

Does the nozzle “get in the way”?

The spray nozzle on the travel bidet is angled so it won’t be in harm’s way while cleaning.

Can I use hot water?

Wash with cold or lukewarm water. Caution: Washing with hot water can cause burning or injury. The water temperature limit is 80°F.

How can I clean my bidet?

Our bidets can be cleaned with a soft cloth and standard mild cleaning detergents. Some people like to give the nozzle a rinse in the sink after each use.
Using the travel bidet is easy as 1,2,3.
1. Fill it up.
  • fully expand the travel bidet by holding the base and pulling upward on the top
  • unscrew the cap, fill with water, and screw the cap back on until it’s nice and tight
2. Get fresh.
  • depress the pop-up nozzle to extend the spray wand
  • tilt, aim the nozzle, and squeeze to produce a cleansing stream
3. Be clean.
  • pat dry with a few squares of toilet paper
  • gently press the nozzle back into the lid until it’'s flush and no longer springs upward
  • always empty your bottle completely—travel bidet is not leakproof
Collapsed: 4.72”(H) x 3.23”(Dia)
Extended: 8.75”(H) x 3.23”(Dia)
Bottle: Silicone
Nozzle and Top: ABS Plastic
17.83 oz
Bottle Capacity
16.9 fl oz
Max Water Temperature
80°F / 26.67°C
Included Components
100% Polyester Carrying Bag, Travel Bidet
1-Year Limited Warranty
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