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Open-Box OmigoGS
Essential Bidet Toilet Seat

Omigo’s entry-level bidet seat. Perfect if you want top-tier bidet seat features like a heated seat and internal water heater at a great price.

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The best thing to happen to your bathroom.

Geta luxury bidet experience at an entry-level price point. Each and every body is unique, and Omigo GS is designed with that in mind. Easily customize water temperature and pressure with convenient, side-arm controls. Adjust spray positions and wash modes with the push of a button for an even more fine-tuned wash. An illuminating LED nightlight and heated seat add a warm, welcoming atmosphere to every bathroom trip.

  • customizable front and rear wash settings

  • convenient sidearm control panel

  • warm water wash, heated seat, and LED nightlight

  • self-cleaning, stainless steel nozzles

  • simple, DIY installation

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Full Features

Your wash, your way
  • adjustable, 5-position stainless steel nozzle
  • fully adjustable water temperature and pressure
  • heated seat with 3 temperature levels and on/off option
  • 4 wash modes: pulse, gentle, strong, and nozzle oscillation
Features you'll love
  • illuminating LED nightlight with on/off option
  • internal water heater tank provides full 2-minute warm water wash
  • gentle-close, sit-upon bidet seat and lid with easy, quick-release seat removal
  • intuitive side-arm controls
  • built-in seat safety sensor requires skin contact to operate bidet
Hygienic retractable nozzles
  • aerated water for a soft and comfortable wash
  • wide and concentrated spray settings
  • self-cleaning nozzle cycle runs before and after each use
  • nozzles retract while not in use
Wipe less, wash more
  • optional eco mode reduces energy usage
  • a sustainable alternative to toilet paper and flushable wipes
  • switching to a bidet saves trees, water, and energy
  • simple, DIY installation on your existing toilet
  • UPC certified by IAPMO and cETL approved
  • 1-year limited warranty

OmigoGS FAQs.

Is the water OmigoGS uses clean?

Yes! It is the same clean water used for your sink and shower. Fresh water is accessed using a T-Valve that brings it directly to your OmigoGS for a perfectly fresh wash.

How do I clean my OmigoGS?

Simply unplug your bidet seat and use mild detergents as you would your normal toilet seat. There is a quick release button so you can easily pop it off for an occasional deeper clean.

Do I need a plumber to install my OmigoGS?

Nope! You can DIY this install in about 20 minutes. We have a step-by-step video as well as detailed instructions online or in your bidet seat manual.

How is OmigoGS powered?

OmigoGS has a 3.9-foot power cord to access your average bathroom GFCI outlet. Don’t have an outlet nearby? Use a properly rated (15 amp GFCI) extension cord.

Will this fit my round or one-piece toilet?

OmigoGS is designed to fit most US toilets and comes in two different sizes—round and elongated.


Useful Resources

Not up to installing it yourself?

Task Rabbit is an American online and mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks.

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Installation so easy, anyone can do it.
OmigoGS has all the parts and hardware for a standard installation.
Step 1: Prep your toilet.
  • remove the seat and clean the bowl
  • shut off the water valve and flush the toilet
  • detach the metal hose from toilet tank fill valve
Step 2: Connect the fresh water supply.
  • screw the T-Valve onto the fill valve
  • attach the metal hose to the bottom of the T-Valve
  • attach the bidet hose to the middle of the T-Valve
Step 3: Install the mounting hardware.
  • place the mounting plate
  • set in the adjustable brackets
  • secure with the screws and washers
Step 4: Attach your OmigoGS.
  • slide on your OmigoGS until it clicks
  • attach the water line and turn on the water valve
  • check for leaks then plug into your GFCI outlet
  • start washing!
Power Voltage / Frequency
120 V / 60 Hz
Max Power Consumption
870 W
Power Cord Length
3.9 ft
Safety Devices
Thermostat, Thermal Fuse, Temperature Sensor, Seat Occupied Sensor
Seat Weight Limit
330 lb / 149.68 kg
Lid Weight Limit
160 lb / 72.57 kg
Seat Temperature
4 Levels: OFF - Room Temp; Low - 93.2°F / 34°C ;
Medium - 100.4°F / 38°C; High - 107.6°F / 108°C.
Water Temperature Control
4 Levels: OFF - Ambient Water Temp; Low - 91.4°F / 33°C
Medium - 96.8°F / 36°C; High - 102.2°F / 39°C
Standard Wash Time
2 Minutes
Blue LED
Elongated: 18.5”(W) x 20.7”(L) x 5.7”(H)
Round: 18.5”(W) x 19.55”(L) x 5.7”(H)
Elongated: 11.24 lb / 5.1 kg
Round: 10.8 lb / 4.1 kg
1-Year Limited Warranty
California Prop 65 WARNING
WARNING: This product has parts that contain lead, known in the State of California to cause cancer & reproductive harm. Wash hands well after handling installation parts.