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Introducing the Sutro Integrated Bidet

Posted by Brian Inami on May 31st 2024

Integrated Bidet Toilet in a modern bathroom

Your bathroom just became the most popular space in the house.

Introducing Sutro, Brondell’s all-new Integrated Smart Bidet Toilet.

How you do your business is our business, and has been for over 20 years. Since 2003, we’ve brought innovation and sustainability to the bathroom and beyond with feature-packed bidets and more.

Now, we’re charting new frontiers and applying everything we’ve learned—and the result is our Sutro Integrated Smart Bidet Toilet.

Unlike bidet add-ons, like electronic seats and attachments, Sutro is a toilet with a bidet built into it. With its sleek, tankless design and eco-friendly specs, Sutro is the next step toward our goal of creating healthier spaces for all. That includes the space we all share—the planet.

With over two decades in the field, we know a thing or two about bidets, and we put all of it into Sutro. Developed and researched over two years, Sutro elevates your space with simplicity and style—thanks to its modern, one-piece design. Forward-thinking and elegant, Sutro raises the bar for comfort, hygiene, and ease of use, combining touchless features, luxurious extras, and much more.

Integrated Bidet Toilet Remote closeup

A near-hands-free bathroom experience.

When it comes to cleanliness, less hand-to-toilet contact is ideal. Sutro is designed to reduce bathroom touchpoints with all-new, automatic features that provide convenience and promote better hygiene.

  • auto-open/close lid: With Sutro’s proximity sensor, all you have to do is approach or get up and the lid opens and closes for you.
  • avoid touching the seat: Remote-controlled seat rises at the push of a button, and lowers automatically with the toilet lid.
  • automatic flushing: Auto, no-touch, or manual flushing option in case of an electrical outage.

Powerful flushing that’s sustainable.

Flushing is a water-heavy activity, costing the average household around 12,775 gallons per year. That’s hard on our Earth’s precious freshwater sources—and your water bill. Sutro merges water-saving technology with performance, keeping your toilet clean while helping the environment by conserving natural resources. Its two-part flushing system combines a vortex and siphon action, removing debris with ease while reducing plumbing clogs.

  • EPA WaterSense certification: Sutro uses just 1.28 gallons per flush, saving 20 percent more water than standard, 1.6-gallon toilets.
  • industry-leading 1000g MaP rating: Sutro’s MaP rating is the highest available, removing 1000 grams of waste with a single flush.
  • dual jet and siphon flush: Dual jets work in tandem to create a high-performance siphon, propelling waste and build-up out of the toilet bowl
  • sustainability meets cleanliness: self-cleaning bowl pre-rinse and anti-stain ceramic glaze prevent build-up and maintain Sutro’s cleanliness.

Upgrade your sit-down.

Leave the basics behind with high-tech comforts you’ll never want to go without. Packed with cutting-edge luxuries, Sutro uplifts your bathroom routine, enhancing comfort and hygiene for you and your space.

  • heated toilet seat with 6 temperature levels: Never sit on a cold toilet seat again.
  • auto LED nightlight: Boost safety at night with an automatic, cool white light.
  • carbon deodorizer: Freshen up the place with an automatic 3-minute odor-reducing cycle.

Boost hygiene and sustainability with Sutro’s integrated bidet.

Investing in a toilet with a built-in bidet can take bathroom hygiene to luxurious new levels—and Sutro is no exception. It’s good for the planet too, since toilet paper costs about 15 million trees a year to manufacture, according to Scientific American. Sutro's arced nozzle provides a targeted, aerated wash, helping you avoid the irritating qualities of wiping. Enjoy true cleanliness and greater sustainability by reducing toilet paper use.

  • endless warm water washes: Sutro’s toilet with bidet features an instant ceramic water heater that never runs out of warm water.
  • self-cleaning, retractable nozzle: On-demand nozzle rinse and UV NozzleClean setting help ensure a hygienic wash.
  • warm air dryer: Lower your carbon footprint with a gentle air dry, featuring 3 fan speeds and adjustable temperature.
  • streamlined installation: No-drill installation with user-friendly mounting brackets.

Integrated Bidet Toilet in a modern bathroom

Available now at

The Sutro Integrated Bidet Smart Toilet is now available at

Sutro joins our line-up of sustainable products that improve wellness and comfort in any space with advanced bidets, water-saving showerheads, water filtration systems, and air purifiers. That way, the things you do every day—like flushing, bathing, drinking, and breathing—are better for you, and the planet, too.