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Bidet sprays 101: a beginner’s guide on the most popular types of bidets

Posted by Steve Scheer on Aug 25th 2022

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat installed in a modern bathroom with wood accents

So you’re curious about bidets?

First off, you’re in good company. Cultures around the world have enjoyed the hygienic benefits of bidets for centuries—and they’re becoming more popular in North America every day. Here’s why: washing with water doesn’t only improve your personal hygiene. It lets you cut back on toilet paper, the production of which wastes trees, energy, and water.

The perks of bidets are clear. Now, all that’s left is to decide which type of bidet to get. You did some internet sleuthing, but googling “toilet with spray” or “toilet that sprays water” brought more questions than answers. This left you in bidet limbo, wondering if you should get a bidet toilet seat, bidet attachment, toilet bidet sprayer, or a travel bidet.

If you’re struggling to decide, fret not. Once you understand the basics, finding the bidet that meets your needs is easy. We put together a bidet guide to help you know your bidet sprays, so you can find the one that’s right for you (and your bathroom).

What is a handheld bidet sprayer?

Also known as shattaf bidets, diaper sprayers, or toilet showers, handheld bidet sprayers provide an easy and affordable way to turn your toilet into a bidet. These sprayers mount on your wall or toilet, so a full bidet wash is always in reach. They’re powered entirely by water, simply connecting to the cold water supply line behind your toilet.

Bidet Sprayer right side view against green background

Here's why people love hand-held bidet sprayers

  • They’re budget-friendly: Bidet sprayers often cost less than other bidets.
  • They don’t require batteries or electricity: This makes them perfect for toilets without access to an electrical outlet.
  • They’re a breeze to clean: While other bidets are easy to clean, sanitizing a bidet sprayer is even easier thanks to its minimalist design.
  • They don’t affect your toilet seat: Get all of the benefits of a bidet without changing or adapting your toilet seat.
  • They give you ultimate control over your wash: Their ergonomic handle gives you more sway over your spray.

If you’ve never tried a handheld bidet, you might wonder: is it like a water gun for my toilet? Don’t worry–soakage won’t be a problem. Handheld bidets are designed to offer the utmost control over your wash. They have water pressure control, flexible metal hoses, and ergonomic handles, so you can direct the spray exactly where it’s needed.

But handheld bidets do more than keep you clean. They are also great for cleaning reusable cloth diapers, and—well, anything that’s within reach, like your toilet, bathtub, or pets.

Minimalists love them for their simplicity. There can be slight differences across models, mainly with spray options, handle shape, and what the sprayer head is made of. Our CleanSpa Luxury Hand-held Bidet is stainless steel and has a spring-loaded trigger for responsive water pressure control. For those who prefer a curved handle, we’d recommend the CleanSpa Advanced Hand-held Bidet, which is ergonomically designed to clean even the hardest-to-reach places.

The bottom line

Handheld bidet sprayers are a cost-effective way to turn your toilet into a bidet without electricity.

Many prefer them because they are handheld, which allows for easier targeting. On the flip side, learning to use them properly may take a couple of tries. While anyone can learn to use a handheld bidet, some would rather let the bidet do the washing. If you fall into that category, consider a bidet attachment or bidet toilet seat instead. But if you want total control of your wash and aren’t looking for luxury features, a handheld sprayer could be the right bidet for you.

What is a bidet attachment?

Like handheld bidet sprayers, bidet attachments are inexpensive and easy to install. But their expanded features, setup, and hands-free wash set them apart. They install beneath your toilet seat to deliver a refreshing, hygienic wash on-demand. This is a huge plus for those who would prefer not to handle a bidet sprayer themselves.

Brondell SS-250 bidet attachment installed on a standard white toilet against a green background

Here's why people love bidet attachments

  • They’re budget-friendly: Plus, they save you money on toilet paper.
  • They don’t require batteries or electricity: Enjoy a refreshing wash without the need for electricity.
  • They provide a hands-free wash: Just sit down and let the bidet do the washing for you.
  • They have an expanded feature set: Depending on the model, features include warm water wash and dual self-cleaning nozzles.
  • You won’t have to change your toilet seat: If you like your existing toilet seat, bidet attachments let you keep your original setup.

Bidet attachments emit a soothing spray from a nozzle (or nozzles) that’s housed in the frame. The nozzle is angled to spray up from your toilet bowl–it’s also retractable to stay clean and out of the way while you’re doing your business. When you’re done, you’ll simply turn a knob to wash, and any waste is cast safely into the toilet.

You may be asking, “wait–won’t water get everywhere?” No need to be concerned on that front. Bidet attachments are designed to clean you and you only, so the spray stays in the toilet (and off the seat and bathroom floor).

Not every toilet is in reach of an electrical outlet, and that’s where bidet attachments really shine. They don’t need electricity to deliver essential comforts, like adjustable water pressure, warm water wash, self-cleaning nozzles, and a convenient side arm control panel. Powered by water alone, bidet attachments save you money on your electrical bill while conserving energy.

Think a bidet attachment is right for you? Here are some of our most popular models. People love the SimpleSpa Thinline Essential because of its super thin frame, allowing it to fit toilet seats better than more bulky types. The FreshSpa Comfort+ Advanced is a favorite as well, especially for those who prefer warm water washes.

The bottom line

It’s no wonder bidet attachments are so popular. They’re affordable, eco-friendly, and easy to install. Plus, their hands-free wash and expanded features make them an essential upgrade to any modern bathroom.

Note: Models that include warm water washes need to be connected to your bathroom’s hot water supply. Our warm water bidet attachments are easy to connect and include everything needed to get the warm water flowing. But your toilet needs to be in reach of your hot water supply line, which is often located underneath your bathroom sink. For reference, our hot water connection hoses are 81 inches in length.

What is a bidet toilet seat?

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat installed in modern wood accented bathroom.

Looking to turn every bathroom break into a mini spa day? It doesn’t get much better than an electronic bidet toilet seat. With these mighty devices, you get the best of both worlds: a cutting-edge bidet and an ultra-comfortable, high-tech toilet seat.

Here's why people love bidet toilet seats

  • Many include stainless steel nozzles: Stainless steel resists soiling and bacterial contamination, while an automatic self-cleaning function gives nozzles a sanitary rinse, on-demand.
  • They have luxury features: Each model contains a variety of comforts that make your bathroom more enjoyable, like a heated toilet seat, an automatic deodorizer, and more.
  • You’ll waste less and save more on toilet paper: Get one with a warm air dryer to further reduce or eliminate your use of toilet paper products.
  • They have advanced heating systems: Enjoy warm water washes without having to connect to your hot water supply line.
  • You’ll get a bidet and an ergonomic toilet seat, all in one: Each of ours comes with a slow-closing seat and lid and a quick-release function for easy removal and cleaning.

Electronic bidet toilet seats do more than just clean you. They carry luxury features that make your bathroom a better, more enjoyable place to be. Avoid chilly surprises thanks to a heated toilet seat. Experience safer midnight trips to the bathroom with a soothing nightlight. Endless warm water washes, deodorizers, warm air dryers, stainless steel nozzles—once you experience these, you’ll never want to go without them again.

We have lots of models to choose from so you’ll only pay for the features that you want. Choose between a convenient side arm control panel or a wireless remote. To fit every preference, many have user memory settings and customizable spray options, like pulse, massage, and nozzle oscillation. The Swash 1400 has all of the above, plus luxury features like a warm air dryer, deodorizer, and more.

Brondell Swash Bidet Remote

The bottom line

You can’t go wrong with an electronic bidet toilet seat. Their stylish designs and luxury features are unmatched. And they’re just as easy to install as any other type of bidet. While they’re a bit more expensive, they’re a steal compared to a costly bidet toilet or standalone bidet. Plus, features like a warm air dryer will save you money on toilet paper in the long run.

Electronic bidet toilet seats come in both elongated and round options to fit the measurements of most toilets. They require electricity and a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet to function safely. If electricity is readily available—and you like ultimate comfort—an electronic bidet toilet seat is the way to go.

What is a travel bidet?

Never want to go to the bathroom without a bidet again? With a travel bidet, you won’t have to.

Essentially, a travel bidet is an ergonomic bottle with an angled nozzle. Just fill up the bottle with warm or cold water, invert, and squeeze for a full bidet wash. Then when you’re done, you empty the bottle and store it away.

Here's why people love travel bidets

Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet in blue, useful on a backpacking trip in the woods

Here's why people love bidet attachments

  • You can take them anywhere: Enjoy a full bidet wash, wherever you go.
  • They’re compact and discreet: Ours come with carrying bags for easy packing.
  • They make great peri-bottles: Use them to promote postpartum healing.
  • They’re adored by backpackers, hikers, and campers: Pack out less toilet paper waste in the Great Outdoors.

Travel bidets go by many names, including portable bidets, backpacking bidets, and camping bidets. They’re in a league of their own compared to bidet attachments, toilet seats, and handheld sprayers since they don’t attach or replace anything in your bathroom.

Travel bidets are great for any type of travel—but they’re a gamechanger for campers and backpackers. Packing out used toilet paper in nature can be an undesirable activity for obvious reasons. Travel bidets may not eliminate the need for toilet paper on the trail (though they do for some). But they provide adventurers the opportunity to stay cleaner and to use less—and carry less—toilet paper.

Our travel bidets are designed to be taken anywhere. The GoSpa Advanced Travel Bidet includes a pop-up nozzle and a discreet cloth carrying bag for easy transport. This makes them perfect for places where using a bidet is not possible, like a hotel or an RV. They’re also an excellent alternative to a peri bottle to promote postpartum healing.

The bottom line

Travel bidets provide an essential, hygienic wash when you’re away from home. They’re compact and easy to pack, thanks to their sleek design and portable features. While they’re fantastic for all types of travel, they’re especially useful for hikers, campers, and backpackers in leave-no-trace environments.

Start saving money and helping the environment today

Congratulations! You are officially a bidet expert. Washing with a bidet lets you reduce or eliminate your use of toilet paper. Not only does that save you money–it helps the environment with every flush. (Toilet paper production requires trees, water, and energy.)

Ready to get all of those benefits and more? Our bidets are affordable, easy to install, and backed by our friendly, US-based customer service team. Learn more about our selection of bidet toilet seats, bidet attachments, handheld bidet sprayers, and travel bidets.