Are Bidets Sanitary, Safe and Clean? Should I Use Them?

Posted by Brondell Staff on Sep 14th 2018

One day you might find yourself in Italy or France, maybe Japan on business when you walk into a restroom and there it is. You have that friend who’s a gearhead, a health nut, a clean freak. You walk into their bathroom and there’s a toilet that looks like it’s rigged up for basic cable, or the World Wide Web, or time travel. You have questions.

Are bidets sanitary, safe and clean? Should I use them? Yes!

You are going to encounter a bidet at some point in your life and you’re going to want to know more about it. Perhaps you already do. Maybe you have questions like: Are bidets sanitary? Are bidets good for you? Why have a bidet? These concerns are completely normal. To many people in America, these marvels of bathroom ingenuity and hygiene are still as foreign as they are fascinating. Perhaps the most pressing question is: Are bidets safe and clean? You’re going to have to stop worrying.

Bidets are one of the fastest growing bathroom trends in America. They’re on the cutting edge of hygiene, the vanguard of efficiency, and the forefront of fun. Once you clear the air (No seriously, some of these toilet seats have carbon block deodorizers which quite literally allow you to clear the air), open your imagination, and get an introduction, you’ll be comparing the specs on SWASH models and measuring your conventional seat for an upgrade in no time at all! Sure, it might take a little getting used to, and some of you might hold your confidence until you’ve seen all the angles, but once we assure you that these toilet-time godsends are as safe and clean as they are smart and exciting, you won’t want to go any other way.

So let’s put your mind at ease and get down to why bidets are just as safe and sanitary as your old bathroom routine with added elements of comfort, convenience, and class.

Bidet self sterilization process feature a silver oxide nanoparticle treatment.

Don’t be afraid

We understand that with all things new and improved, especially in a routine you’ve held nearly your entire life, there are inevitable elements of skepticism, hesitation, and maybe even fear. In a world rapidly evolving and growing around new tech and innovation, these changes may seem more like fleeting trends or excessive conveniences. When it comes to the bathroom, these issues and concerns are rarely discussed in a public forum, leading many people to stick with the same tried and tired routine rather than improving it. We get it; these things are weird to talk about!

As far as safety is concerned, when it comes to bidets, you have nothing to worry about. Whether you’re male, female or anyone in between, bidets are safe for use across all genders, cultures, lifestyles, body types, and abilities. In fact, pregnant women reap many benefits from bidets, including hemorrhoid and constipation relief. Those with disabilities find a whole new element of freedom in Brondell’s advanced and luxury bidets with touch-free wash and dry settings. Even elderly people find they’re able to age gracefully and independently in their own homes with the benefits of these gentle and comforting wash settings.

It’s so important to foster and maintain a healthy culture of skin and lactobacillus (vaginal and rectal) flora while keeping your nether regions clean and fresh. In the past, regular douching was encouraged for the latter, but it’s becoming more and more apparent that flooding your lady bits with a cocktail of antiseptic chemicals like phthalates and parabens may alter your natural hormones and leave you susceptible to conditions like bacterial vaginosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, even STIs. Now that’s some scary stuff! Since bidets work using the clean water from your tap, you can still get that deeper balanced clean without any harmful chemicals to strip your body of its healthy, natural bacteria. Brondell also makes an easy to install bidet filter, just in case you want a purer level of clean for those delicate areas.

Water temperature is another safety concern when using bidets. Is the water going to be too hot, you might wonder. How do I adjust the temperature? These are valid concerns. After all, you shouldn’t be burning yourself on the toilet unless you made a recent trip to Taco Bell.

With modern bidet seats, the most common methods used to keep your stream at a warm, comfortable temperature are instant ceramic heating, tank heating, and a hybrid of the two. With some bidets like Brondell’s PureSpa Dual Temperature bidet attachments, you can easily connect a line to the hot water on your bathroom sink and adjust it to the perfect temperature right from your seat.

Instant ceramic heating, tank heating, and hybrid heating all work within the infrastructure of the bidet seat itself! With tank heating, water is heated by a copper coil before you even sit down and stored in a reservoir for when you need it. These only supply about 45 seconds of hot water on average. On the chance you did make that Taco Bell run and need a little extra time, you might want to look at other options.

With instant ceramic heating, there’s no limit to the amount of time you can spend getting a nice, warm clean. Ceramic core technology, found only in Brondell’s advanced and luxury line bidet seats, heats water instantly by passing it through a super thermal conductive ceramic heater as it makes its way to your bum. Sure this technology may sound kind of intimidating, but it was engineered with your safety as a top priority. Brondell employs a four-point safety standard on all models with instant ceramic heating. These measures include an airtight PBA molding, triple short-circuit cut-off sensor, intelligent low-temperature burn prevention, and gentle lid opening and closing so nothing upsets the ceramics or wiring in your seat. With even the smallest potential problems considered, you can rest assured that your warm water bidet experience will be comfortable, consistent and safe.

Bidets are safe and help clean without stripping your body of its healthy, natural bacteria.

Not just safe, but sanitary!

When it comes to anything working its way around your most sensitive and private areas, it’s totally normal to question the cleanliness and hygiene involved. When bodily functions are thrown into the mix, these questions become essential. Luckily, bidet technology has caught up with these concerns and today’s models feature some of the most hygienic self-cleaning systems you’ll find outside of maybe pre-op ORs or a Silicon Valley server room.

As far as bidet toilet seats go, Brondell has a self-cleaning function at every price-point and a selection of both anti-bacterial plastic and stainless steel nozzles. The SWASH 1000 and 1400 models even feature a silver oxide nanoparticle treatment. This on-demand self-sterilization process not only keeps the nozzle free of any bacteria or fungi but also keeps them corrosion free for a longer life. The whole longer life thing will become more and more important to you as you fall in love with these models.

Of course, with modern bidet attachments, there isn’t so much room for all the bells and whistles. This doesn’t mean you won’t still get a better clean than with toilet paper and have an exceptionally exciting, invigorating and hygienic experience while you’re at it. Even at the most basic levels, Brondell offers retractable, self-cleaning nozzles on all of their bidet attachments to keep you fresh, clean, and worry-free.

Bidet self sterilization process feature a silver oxide nanoparticle treatment.

No fear, no excuses!

Now that we’ve covered the ins and outs, ups and downs, even down to literal nano-levels of detail, you’ll have confidence enough to walk right up to that next bidet you encounter, sit down, and exchange a little water. Soon you’ll learn that these systems are as fun as they are intuitive and you’ll want a bidet for every number one or two you have to spare. You already do, don’t you? Don’t worry, we got you.