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Flexible Hot Water Tubing

In need of extra tubing to reach your hot water supply? Sold by the foot, our Flexible Hot Water Tubing allows water to flow safely between your hot water supply and your dual temperature bidet attachment.

Brondell Flexible Hot Water Tubing is specially designed to handle high water temperature and pressure—please do not substitute any other tubing for this purpose.



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Introductory sentence: Designed for high pressure. Sold by the foot.

All Swash bidet attachments with warm water wash capability include 6’ of hot water tubing. In the event that the included tubing is not enough to reach your hot water supply, you can order the length of tubing that you need.

Please note that 1 unit is equal to 1 foot of tubing. It is suggested to add 1 additional foot of tubing for safety. For example, if you need 7’ of tubing, please order 8 units. Do not substitute any other tubing for your warm water bidet attachment; leaking, flooding, and damage can occur.

Note: This item ships to US and Canadian customers from our San Francisco warehouse.

  • sold by the foot

  • no additional hardware included

  • measure needed distance; add additional 1’ for safety


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1 unit = 1’(L)