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Open-Box Omigo Element
Non-Electric Bidet Attachment

The essential modern bidet attachment for a perfect clean. Ambient water temp with pressure-controlled front and rear wash leaves you feeling fresh.

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A refreshing wash—pure and simple.

Boost hygiene for you and the environment with our Element Non-Electric Bidet Attachment. Dual self-cleaning nozzles offer hygienic and targeted front and rear washes, while water pressure is fully adjustable thanks to the convenient and user-friendly side-arm control. Simply install the Element under your existing toilet seat—and upgrade your toilet for a cleaner, more planet-friendly alternative to toilet paper.

  • self-cleaning, retractable nozzles

  • fully adjustable water pressure

  • side-arm control with easy-turn knob

  • simple, DIY installation under any toilet seat

Item #CBHA-A


Full Features

The right wash for every body
  • refreshing, ambient temperature wash
  • fully adjustable water pressure
  • side-arm control with large, easy-turn dials
Features you’ll love
  • separate front and rear nozzles
  • self-cleaning nozzle cycle runs before and after each use
  • nozzle guard ensures a fresh wash
  • long-lasting, high-quality parts
Simple, DIY installation
  • slim frame installs under your existing seat
  • everything included for standard install
  • connects to your sink's hot water supply
  • fits round and elongated toilets
Sustainability in your bathroom
  • a sustainable alternative to toilet paper and flushable wipes
  • powered by water pressure alone, no batteries or electricity required

Element FAQs.

Is the water Element uses clean?

Yes! It is the same clean water used for your sink and shower. Fresh water is accessed using a T-Valve that brings it directly to your Element for a perfectly fresh wash.

Will this fit my toilet?

Element is designed to fit most US toilets, both round and elongated including most one-piece and curved toilet fixtures. To be sure, measure the distance between the bolt holes. The space must be between 5¼ inches and 8 inches. Then measure the distance from the center of the bolt holes to the toilet tank to ensure proper clearance. There must be at least ¾ inch of clearance. If you meet those measurement requirements then you're good to go!

How do I dry off?

After you’re done washing, simply pat dry with a few squares of toilet paper or a bidet towel to finish the job.

Do I need an outlet to use Element?

Nope! No electrical outlet required. Element is mechanically powered, using the water pressure in your pipes to operate. Even low water pressure homes can use Element.

Do the nozzles “get in the way”?

Element’s nozzles are retracted and covered so you won’t contaminate them when not in use. Plus, we built in a self-cleaning system so the nozzles are rinsed before each use.

How far does the arm stick out from the toilet?

The control arm extends out to the right side of the toilet approximately 4 inches. This can vary depending on your toilet since the brackets are adjustable, but 4 inches is average.

How can I clean my bidet?

All of our bidets can be cleaned with a soft cloth and standard mild cleaning detergents. Since Element is so easy to install, it's easy to completely remove if you ever want to deep clean your toilet.

Is white the only color offered?

Yes, currently white is the only color we offer for our bidet attachments with no plan on offering alternate colors in the near future.

Do you make a left-handed Element?

No, we do not offer a left-handed product at this time.


Useful Resources

Not up to installing it yourself?

Task Rabbit is an American online and mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks.

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Installation so easy, anyone can do it.
Element comes with all the parts and hardware for a standard installation.
Step 1: Prep your toilet.
  • remove the seat and clean the bowl
  • shut off the water valve and flush the toilet
  • detach the metal hose from toilet tank fill valve
Step 2: Connect the fresh water supply.
  • screw the T-Valve onto the fill valve
  • attach the metal hose to the bottom of the T-Valve
  • attach the bidet hose to the middle of the T-Valve
Step 3: Install your Element.
  • center your bidet at the back of the bowl
  • align the circular brackets to the bolt holes
  • replace your toilet seat and tighten the bolts
Step 4: Final steps and checks.
  • attach the metal bidet hose to the bidet
  • turn on the water valve and check for leaks
  • start washing!
Main Body: 13.46" (W) x 5.55" (D) x .25" (H)
Arm: 2.12" (W) x 6.79" (D) x 1.31" (H)
Included Components
High–Quality Metal ⅞" T–Valve
Durable Braided Metal Cool Water Hose
1-Year Limited Warranty