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Bidet Sprayer
Replacement Heads

Need to replace your existing Brondell handheld sprayer head? You’re in the right place, and don’t worry—we’ve made it easy.

$12.00 - $26.99
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Replacement is simple—just select your model.

Your handheld sprayer (diaper sprayer/shattaf) offers reliable cleansing where you need it most. But sometimes, things happen (including hard water build-up). Replacement is a sustainable solution when your sprayer’s hose is still in good condition. That’s why we’ve made it easy and affordable to replace just your handheld sprayer’s head. Simply select your specific model above. Each sprayer head includes its accompanying hook and holster.

  • easy, sustainable replacement

  • includes model-specific holster/hook

  • designed for easy installation

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Full Features

Easy, sustainable replacement
  • no need to replace your entire handheld bidet sprayer
  • affordable and planet-friendly
  • a solution for homes with hard water and mineral build-up
Simple, DIY installation
  • replacement heads are model-specific, order with care
  • sprayer holster/hook included
  • installs in minutes