Swash CL950 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat

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Available Exclusively at Costco

The Swash CL950 Luxury Bidet Seat is available in select stores and online exclusively at Costco.


Replace Your Toilet Seat with a Luxury Bidet Seat!

Enjoy luxurious warm water washes with the CL950 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat. This stylish seat from the industry leader in modern bidet products is full of features that make it easy to stop wiping and start washing. With extras like a welcoming nightlight and sturdy sittable lid, the CL950 does so much more than just wash. Upgrade your toilet today!


Swash CL950 - Luxury of Settings

Swash CL950 Remote Control
  1. Rear Wash
  2. Front (Feminine) Wash
  3. Warm Air Dryer
  4. Nozzle Position Adjustment
    Includes 5 different position settings
  5. Water Pressure or Dryer Adjustment
    Includes 5 different pressure levels and dryer temperature levels
  6. Water Temperature Adjustment
    Includes 4 water temperature levels
  7. Seat Temperature Adjustment
    Includes 4 temperature levels for the heated seat
  8. Massage Function
    Gently pulses the water stream for a more effective clean
  9. One-Touch Auto Mode
    A full wash and dry cycle at medium settings
  10. Move/Nozzle Oscillation
    Moves the nozzle back and forth as it sprays
  11. Deodorizer

Additional Features

  • Blue LED Nightlight
  • Gentle-Closing Seat & Lid
  • Self-Cleaning Nozzle
  • Water Tank Heating System
  • Eco Mode for Energy Savings
Swash CL950 Easy Installation Swash CL950 Oscillating Stainless-Steel Nozzle Swash CL950 Warm Air Dryer Swash CL950 Deodorizer

Easy Installation

It's simple to add the CL950 to your existing toilet by yourself - it's been designed for DIY installation. Use the Quick Toilet Fit guide below to determine what seat shape you'll need.

Stainless Steel Nozzle with Nozzle Oscillation

Stainless steel nozzles are more durable and hygienic than the plastic nozzles found in many other bidet seats. The oscillation function moves the nozzle back and forth slightly for a more thorough, easy clean.

Warm Air Dryer

Enjoy a completely hands-free (and TP-free) experience with the adjustable warm air dryer.


Don't mask bathroom odors with chemical sprays. An efficient carbon block filter removes odors at the source with a push of a button.


Swash CL950 Quick Toilet Fit Guide

Measure Your Toilet for the Swash CL950

Toilet Fit Guide


Measure the Bolt Hole Spread

Measure the distance between the bolt holes. The space must be between 5-1/4 inches and 8 inches.

Please note: to properly fit SE400, SE600, IS707, CL510, and CL950 models, this distance must be 5-1/2 inches.

Measure the distance from the center of the bolt holes to the toilet tank to ensure proper clearance. There must be at least 1½ inches of clearance.*

Determine the Length of the Bowl

Measure the distance from the bolt holes to the front of the toilet bowl to determine if you have a round or elongated fixture.
If your measurement is 18" – 19½" order an Elongated Swash
If your measurement is 16" – 17¾" order a Round Swash


Please note: some toilets may require an Alternative T-Valve and/or Top Mount Hardware.

* Is the distance from the center of the bolt holes to the toilet tank less than 2 inches?
The Swash may extend slightly over the front edge of your toilet bowl.

Seat Overhang

Measure the distance from the front of the toilet tank to the front of the toilet bowl.

If this measurement is less than 20½ inches, consider purchasing a Round size to reduce the amount the seat extends over the front edge, even if your fixture is elongated. 
The overall length of the Round Swash is 19.4 inches. A distance less than 19.4 inches from the tank to the front of the toilet bowl will also cause overhang.

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If you've decided you'd like to install the Brondell Swash on a new toilet, we recommend you find a toilet that matches your size, budget, design, performance, and height requirements. Once you find your toilet, use the toilet manufacturer’s spec sheet and the diagram below to calculate whether it is compatible. If the value of “D” is greater than 1-1/2 inches, the toilet is compatible with your Swash.

New Toilet Fit Guide

If you’re looking for inspiration for your new toilet, below is our “Best Of” list.
Please note, Brondell has not used any of these toilets and is not responsible for the performance of these toilets.  Brondell has no affiliation with the manufacturers listed below:

  • Best High End:  Toto Drake II Two-Piece toilet
  • Best High End Concealed Trap Away Toilet (Skirted):  Toto Legato One-Piece high-Efficiency*
  • Dual Flush High End:  Toto Connelly Close Coupled toilet, 1.28GPF & 0.9GPF
  • Dual Flush and Budget-Friendly: Glacier bay 1-piece High Efficiency Dual Flush Elongated Toilet in White
  • Wall-Hung:  Toto Maris (Because this toilet uses an In-Wall Tank System, your plumber will need to provide an accessible ½” water supply connection for the bidet)

 *you will need Alternative T-Valve and Top Mount Hardware for this installation


Swash CL950 Installation

Installing your Swash CL950 Advanced Bidet Seat is easy! If you have questions, or run into any problems, contact our Customer Service department at 888-542-3355



Electrical Requirements

Swash S300, S900, CL825, CL950, S1000, S1200, S1400, SE400, SE600, CL510, and IS707 Bidet Seats must be plugged into a standard GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) outlet. The GFCI outlet is generally required in bathrooms, kitchens, and near sources of water. Swash and LumaWarm users typically need an outlet within three and a half feet of the toilet fixture; though running an extension cord is perfectly acceptable as well (see below). We recommend a minimum of 15 amps for the circuit for the Swash Bidet Seat.

NOTE: The Swash Ecoseat, PureSpa and FreshSpa bidet attachments, and CleanSpa bidet sprayers do not require an electrical outlet in the bathroom.

If you don't have a GFCI outlet in the bathroom, you can easily purchase an inexpensive GFCI adapter online at Amazon.com or at your local hardware store

Extension Cords
While we recommend installing a dedicated outlet near your toilet fixture, If you need to use an extension cord with an existing outlet, we suggest you use the shortest cord length available. The extension cord should only be a 3 prong heavy duty cord that can handle a 15-20 amp load with a gauge of 10-12. You may want to use a cord concealing kit.


Installing a New GFCI Outlet
An optimum outlet placement would be behind the toilet fixture on the right or left hand side depending on which product you purchase.

To find a licensed electrician in your area, please use our preferred partner eLocal.com by clicking on the link below:



Plumbing Requirements

The Swash is compatible with over 98% of residential fixtures in the United States. All that is required to hook your Swash up to water is a toilet fixture with a tank. Wall-mounted toilets require a separate water connection to be added in the bathroom in order to provide water for the Swash.

The Swash includes everything that you need to plumb it into the water supply of your current toilet fixture. In the rare case that your water supply line is inflexible you will have to purchase a flexible water line to complete the installation. A t-valve (shown) provides the Swash with a continuous flow of clean water to use for washing.

Hiring a Plumber
To have your Swash professionally installed or have plumbing work completed, please use our preferred partner eLocal.com by clicking on the link below:

Swash CL950 Documentation

Owner's Manual (PDF)

Specification Sheet (PDF)

Why Are Brondell Products the Best?

Quality - Brondell products are made of the highest-quality materials available. From the most durable internal components to the highest standards of manufacturing, we work hard to bring you the best product available at an affordable price. We test every single item that comes off our production lines to ensure it works like it's supposed to - the first time, and every time.

Features - Compare our list of features for any one of our products to any similar product, and you'll see that Brondell delivers the most and best features for the lowest price. Unlike some of our competitors who list many features at suspect prices (a combination that almost always results in poor quality and inadequate customer and product support), Brondell offers the most possible features without ever comprising our own or our products' integrity.

Experience - Brondell is a leading innovator in the home and bathroom appliance category. We have been manufacturing and selling high-quality bidet seats and home products since 2003, and have several generations of product experience and customer feedback to best guide our designers. Our product & company reviews are a testament to this.

Peace of Mind - Purchasing a bidet product or home appliance can be a confusing and complicated process, especially with so many brands and features to choose from. Invest in a quality product and you will end up not only saving money, but time and frustration as well. Rest assured, with Brondell you are making the best choice possible for overall product quality, features, value, and - most importantly - support. Call us, shoot us an email, or contact us via live chat on our website - we are here if you ever need us.


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