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Meet the Swash Thinline: the thinnest luxury bidet toilet seat on the market

Posted by Brian Inami on Dec 19th 2022

Brondell Swash Thinline Bidet Toilet Seat installed.

Swash Thinline T44 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat with Remote Control

Bidet toilet seats are amazing devices. Admittedly, as the Director of Product Development at Brondell, I’m a little biased. But hear me out—your standard toilet is designed to do one thing: to get rid of waste. It does a great job in that department, but that’s about where its benefits stop.

Adding a bidet toilet seat into the mix solves all sorts of problems—for you, your bathroom, and the planet. For starters, washing with a bidet enhances personal hygiene and reduces toilet paper waste, saving money and trees. But the benefits don’t stop there. Many also contain a warm air dryer, an LED nightlight, a deodorizer, and more—all in one easy-to-install device. Not bad for a toilet seat, right?

Knowing that, it’s no wonder bidet toilet seats can look a bit bulky. All of those features have to fit somewhere! The warm air dryer needs a fan and a vent, the water heater requires warming tanks or other parts, and the bidet has a nozzle or 2. And all of that is powered by various electronic components and circuit boards.

side profile Swash Thinline T44 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat installed.

Swash Thinline T44 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat with Remote Control

Our goal at Brondell has always been to get bidets into every bathroom. (Toilet paper production requires lots of water and trees—so the less TP we use, the better.) With all of the benefits that bidets provide, why doesn’t everyone have one? We have a hunch and it’s related to design: we think bidets would be more popular if they looked more like regular toilet seats.

Over 2 years ago, we set out to create a toilet seat that was so thin, you’d hardly know it was a bidet—and that’s the Swash Thinline. At under 4 inches in height, it’s the thinnest bidet toilet seat on the market today.

How did we do it? We started by taking a long, hard look at other bidet toilet seats in the wild. We took what we learned, and began tinkering with designs—and relaying that information back to our factory partners in South Korea.

Like every business operating in 2020, COVID-19 presented some challenges. With previous models, we would test prototypes in our San Francisco office, discussing what worked and what didn’t in person. During the pandemic, we had to rethink how we collaborated, tested, and reiterated. This meant lots of Zoom meetings and sending bidet prototypes to each other's homes in the mail for testing.

Despite these obstacles, we found ways to make the Swash Thinline more compact than its peers. Part of that was updating the design of its nozzles to take up less room. Rearranging the circuit boards helped free up space, too. Our goal was to create the thinnest toilet seat on the market today—and with the Swash Thinline, mission accomplished.

Despite being slim in design, the Swash Thinline still has everything you’d want from a luxury bidet. Take a peek at its standout features:

  • Multi-colored nightlight: Avoid stubbed toes and jarring overhead lights with an LED nightlight (and new colors).
  • Instant ceramic water heater: No more chilly surprises. Not only is the Swash Thinline’s water temperature fully adjustable, you’ll always have warm water to wash with.
  • Warm air dryer: Dry with warm air instead of toilet paper to save money and conserve our planet’s resources.
  • Deodorizer: Activated charcoal filter cleans the air and stops odors at the source, leaving your bathroom smelling fresh.
  • Self-cleaning, stainless steel nozzle: Automatic self-cleaning function gives the nozzle a sanitary rinse, on demand.
  • Heated seat: Never sit on a cold toilet seat again. Includes 3 temperature settings for ultimate comfort.

Swash Thinline T44 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat with Remote Control

The Swash Thinline is by no means the be-all-end-all of bidet toilet seats. We’ll continue to improve and innovate our bidets, as we have since Brondell began in 2003. That said, we really think we’re onto something with the Swash Thinline. By making the slimmest bidet toilet seat ever, our hope is to get more bidets into more homes. More bidets means less toilet paper (and the deforestation that comes with it).