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Industry-leading pioneer Nebia joins the Brondell family

Posted by Steve Scheer on Jan 23rd 2023

Industry-leading pioneer Nebia joins the Brondell family

A message from Brondell President, Steve Scheer

woman in shower with Brondell water-saving showerhead turned on.

Written by: Steve Scheer, President Brondell Inc.

At Brondell, sustainability has always been at the core of what we do: creating products that make spaces healthier, safer, and more enjoyable. (That includes the space all we share—our planet.)

That mission goes back to Brondell’s beginnings 20 years ago. Our goal was simple to define, yet ambitious in scope: to introduce bidets to North America and Canadian markets. By doing so, we were helping address a common, yet lesser-known source of ecological degradation—toilet paper. Bidets helped on two fronts, both boosting hygiene and helping the environment by using less TP, which saves trees (including virgin and old-growth forests), water, and energy.

We’re bidet lovers at heart and continue to bring elevated designs and cutting-edge innovation into the bathroom. But we’re always looking for new ways to make spaces healthier and more sustainable.

That’s why, we’re reinventing our Bathe category with Nebia to help conserve our most vital natural resource—water.

Meet Nebia, the perfect shower experience for you and the planet

We’re beyond excited to announce that Nebia is joining the Brondell family. Nebia is known for the development of industry-leading water-saving technology, award-winning showerheads, and planet-friendly bath accessories. With Nebia, we're doubling down on our commitment to sustainability—and protecting the Earth's precious freshwater resources, one bathroom at a time.

The Nebia Corre Four-Function Showerhead provides up to 50% water savings compared to a standard shower. Using atomizing nozzles, it produces millions of droplets and disperses them into precise patterns, optimizing for temperature and rinsability.

That’s a big deal considering only 0.8% of the world’s water supply is accessible for human needs. The remaining 99.2% is saltwater or freshwater that’s locked up in ice and glaciers.

By reinventing our Bathe category with Nebia, we aim to normalize the use of water-saving showerheads through meaningful conservation, beautiful designs, luxurious spray modes, and user-friendly, plumber-free installation.

Installing water-saving showerheads into as many homes as possible could make a big impact—in fact, it already has. By 2021, Nebia showers were in more than 100,000 homes, saving nearly 500 million gallons of water in total. Consumers are now seeing the benefits of smaller water and heating bills. But on a macro level, the effects are life-changing, decreasing energy waste and easing the effect on water reserves impacted by drought, pollution, and climate change.

Rooted in sustainability

three founding members of Nebia company

Featured in photo from left to right: Carlos Gomez Andonaegui, Philip Winter, and Gabriel Parisi-Amon

In 2014, Carlos Gomez Andonaegui, Gabriel Parisi-Amon, and Philip Winter founded Nebia in San Francisco—just a short walk from Brondell HQ.

But Nebia’s roots go back to Mexico City. Then the CEO of a national health club chain, Carlos had the idea to equip the facilities with water-saving showerheads to reduce the water used by its 25,000 daily visitors. Unimpressed with the low-flow showerheads on the market, Carlos and his father, Emilio—an engineer and life-long tinkerer—took matters into their own hands, creating Nebia’s first shower prototypes.

Since then, their innovative, water-saving showerheads have won awards such as Gear Patrol’s “Best New Home Product of the Year” Award in 2020 and the Gold IDSA Design Award in 2021.

In addition to water conservation, Nebia shares Brondell’s vision of integrating eco-friendly materials into every home product. The Nebia Shower Curtain is made of 41 recycled plastic bottles—instead of environmentally harmful PVC. The Nebia Towel Set is made from 70% sustainably grown cotton and 30% upcycled fibers, a plush and absorbent alternative that uses 95% less water in production than traditional cotton towels. Products like these bring new, spa-inspired choices to our Bathe category—and level up our commitment to sustainability.

The best is yet to come

woman holding nebia handshower displaying strong spray mode.>
<p style= We’re thrilled to make Nebia the core of our Bathe category. But that’s only the beginning. Going forward, we’re integrating aspects of Nebia’s sustainable design and upcycled materials such as ocean plastics into our other product categories, too.

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to help make the world a better place. That means creating products that address climate change head-on. By bringing Nebia into the fold, we’re further aligning the growth of our business with products that feel better for you—and the planet. That way, as we grow, our commitment to the environment grows too.

Industry-leading pioneer Nebia joins the Brondell family | Brondell