Introducing Nebia, our all-new line of eco-friendly bathroom products

Posted on Jan 23rd 2023

Featured in photo: Nebia Corre Four-Function Handshower, Brushed Nickel.

Showering has all sorts of health benefits from keeping you clean and fresh to reducing stress and more. But did you know showers are one of the biggest water-wasters in a household?

Nothing should get between you and a good shower. Still, these are important questions to consider if you’re eco-conscious or you live in a state affected by drought.

Climate change is having an immense impact on global freshwater reserves, the water that’s suitable for human use. Since 2000, droughts have increased by 29 percent worldwide—and as the global population continues to rise, that supply is dwindling.

So what’s a shower-lover to do? Instead of reducing your time in the shower, try a guilt-free Nebia shower.

Shower sustainably with Nebia

Nebia, the core of our all-new Bathe category, exists to make sustainable showering the norm. Care for yourself and the planet with premium, water-saving showerheads and bath accessories that are design-focused, luxurious, and user-friendly.

Our Nebia showerheads save up to 50 percent of water compared to a traditional shower and have already conserved 500 million gallons of water—and counting.

Ready to turn your shower into an eco-friendly oasis? Here are some of our newest Nebia products to improve sustainability and comfort in one fell swoop.

Featured in photo: Nebia Corre Four-Function Handshower, Matte Black.

Reduce your carbon footprint with Nebia

Save water: Nebia Corre Four-Function Fixed Showerhead / Handshower

Wasting water doesn’t just drain reservoirs: it costs a lot of energy, too, through transportation, water treatment, and heating.

Water-saving showerheads—a.k.a. low-flow showers—help save water and energy, which is why they’re such a game-changer for conservation. There’s only 1 problem: when it comes to performance or pressure, some low-flow showerheads leave much to be desired.

With our Nebia Corre Showerheads, you can shower guilt-free with powerful spray nozzles that bring the spa to your shower. Our award-winning tech separates the water you shower with into millions of droplets, dispersing them into precise patterns. That allows you to save up to 50 percent of water compared to a standard shower without sacrificing power or rinsability.

There is a Corre for you, whether you choose the adjustable fixed showerhead or the detachable handshower with a magnetic dock. Enjoy a rain-like shower experience with 4 innovative spray functions, including Hard Spray, Angel Hair, Soft-Spray, and Super Saver.

Featured in photo: Nebia Shower Curtain with convenient snap-in liner and weighted hem, included hooks, and removable magnets.

In addition to water-saving showers, Nebia also offers eco-friendly bathroom accessories to upgrade every part of your shower routine.

Choose non-toxic: Nebia Shower Curtain

Vinyl shower curtains may be inexpensive—but they’re quite costly when it comes to the planet.

Made of PVC, vinyl shower curtains currently can’t be recycled since they contain chemicals that may be toxic. That means, even those that are properly disposed of end up in landfills—or worse, in the environment.

With our planet-friendly Nebia Shower Curtain, you get the luxury and functionality you want—without the waste. Each one is made of 41, 500-milliliter plastic bottles instead of PVC. Plus, it’s durable and machine washable, so you can reuse it again and again. That’s a win-win, saving you money in the long run, keeping potentially toxic PVC out of your home, and reducing plastic waste associated with disposable shower curtains.

Featured in photo: Nebia Quick-Dry Earth Mat, gray.

Reduce microbes and mold: Nebia Quick-Dry Earth Mat

Upgrading to a Nebia Showerhead can make a world of difference in terms of water savings and self-care. But your post-shower experience needs some love, too.

The right shower mat feels nice on your feet while soaking up water. All that absorption is great for safety and clean floors—and not so great for funky smells (mildew anyone?). Regular washing keeps your shower mat clean and fresh, but that requires a lot of water, which isn’t excellent for the environment.

Our Nebia Quick-Dry Earth Mat never needs to be washed. Ever. Made of natural, diatomaceous earth, this bath mat feels smooth underfoot and dries in minutes, helping prevent odors and mildew from building up after each use. This saves you water and energy over the life of the shower mat, reducing your carbon footprint one step at a time.

Featured in photo: Nebia Bath Towel, White.

Buy Breakthrough upcycled textiles: Nebia Hand and Bath Towels

Want to elevate your shower experience? Wrapping yourself in a super soft, absorbent cotton towel should do the trick. Unfortunately, making that cotton bath towel can be a water-intensive process. It can take between 7,000–29,000 liters of water to produce one kilogram of cotton, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

If you love the buttery plush feel of cotton towels (and who doesn’t), you’re in luck. Our Nebia Hand and Bath Towels are made with REFIBRA™ technology, an eco-friendly process that involves mixing upcycled textiles with sustainably grown cotton. The result leads to a 95 percent decrease in water usage during manufacturing compared to traditional cotton.

Better living via sustainability

Discover our entire suite of Nebia products—including our 100% aluminum shower shelf—and follow us on Instagram for more planet-friendly tips.