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Bidet Attachment Replacement T-Valve

Need a replacement T-Valve for your Bidet Attachment? We’ve got what you’re looking for. Simply select the model of your attachment below.

$8.00 - $14.99
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Fits Attachment Models
  • FreshSpa Comfort+ Cold Tvalve (FSR-15/FSR-25)
  • PureSpa Cold Tvalve (PS-65/PSW-75)
  • SouthSpa Cold Tvalve (LH-10/LH-12/LH-20/LH-22)
  • CleanSpa Mounted Bidet Holster Cold Tvalve (MBH-10/MBH-37-S/MBH-40)
  • Side-Mounted Bidet Attachment Cold Tvalve (SMB-15/SMB-25)
  • Side Mounted Bidet Hot Tvalve (SMB-25)
  • SimpleSpa Eco Cold Tvalve (SSE-15/SSE-25)
  • FreshSpa Comfort+ Hot Tvalve (FSR-15/FSR-25)
  • PureSpa Hot Tvalve (PSW-75)
  • SouthSpa Hot Tvalve (LH-20/LH-22)
  • SimpleSpa Eco Hot Tvalve (SSE-25)
  • FreshSpa Thinline Hot Tvalve (FSR-25)
  • Simple Spa Cold Tvalve (SS150/SS250)
  • SimpleSpa Thinline Cold Tvalve (FSP-150/FSP-250)
  • Rinslet Cold Tvalve (WS-11/WS-12)
  • FreshSpa Thinline Cold Tvalve (FSA-15/FSA-25)
  • Simple Spa Eco Cold Tvalve (SSE-15/SSE-25)
  • SimpleSpa Bidet Attachment with Ergonomic Controls Cold Tvalve (SS-10/SS-12)


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