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Essential Left-Handed Bidet Attachment

Finally, a non-electric bidet attachment for lefties. The SouthSpa Essential’s left-handed control arm is right where you need it, so you can get the perfect wash every time.



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The left-handed bidet that’s right for you.

Featuring a left-facing control arm, this non-electric bidet attachment is perfect for southpaws or anyone whose toilet lacks space on the right side. Its retractable nozzle has an on-demand self-cleaning feature, so you know you’re getting the most hygienic rinse. The SouthSpa Essential installs simply under your toilet seat—no plumber required. Enjoy a soothing, refreshing wash that’s cleaner, gentler, and less wasteful than toilet paper. And, since this bidet attachment is powered by water alone, you’ll get the eco-friendly cleanse you need without raising your electric bill.

  • on-demand, self-cleaning nozzle

  • fully adjustable water pressure

  • left-handed control arm

  • no batteries or electricity required

Item #LH-10

Full Features

The right wash for every body
  • positionable spray nozzle
  • fully adjustable water pressure
  • left-handed side-arm control panel
Features you’ll love
  • angled nozzle delivers a targeted clean
  • ceramic core internal valve
  • braided-metal hose and all-metal T-Valve
  • simple, DIY installation
  • installs under your existing seat
Hygienic retractable nozzle
  • delivers refreshing ambient temperature wash
  • on-demand, self-cleaning nozzle
  • retracts to stay clean between uses
Sustainability in your bathroom
  • a sustainable alternative to toilet paper and flushable wipes
  • ​​pat dry with reusable bidet towel
  • powered by water pressure alone, no batteries or electricity required
  • switching to a bidet saves trees, water, and energy
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17.5"(W) x 9.8”(L) x 4.25”(H)
0.84 lbs
1-year warranty provided by US-based customer service team
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