Air Purifier Testimonials

Why Brondell?

Satisfied Brondell O2+ Customers

"Since I've been using the Balance Air Purifier, I've noticed a definite improvement in my allergies while I’m at home. It's super easy – I just leave it in auto mode and it adjusts automatically with the air quality, plus I love the design."
- Nancy M., Santa Cruz, CA

"The Source air purifier was a breath of fresh air for my room! It was so easy to use and I really enjoyed the different colored LED light indicators that displayed the air quality. Also, the fan was so quiet that I barely even knew that it was on."
- Darren S., Reno, NV

"I picked up a Brondell Balance and since I've had it in my home, I've noticed a big change in the air quality. Thanks for making my air so much better"
- Tom C., Asheville, NC