Air Purifier Testimonials

We could boast about our air purifiers ‘til the cows came home, but we thought it’d be more impactful coming from the people who actually use them. Check out what our air purification users have to say about their air purifiers... by the time you’re done reading, you’ll want one for yourself!

Satisfied Brondell O2+ Customers

"Since I've been using the Balance Air Purifier, I've noticed a definite improvement in my allergies while I’m at home. It's super easy – I just leave it in auto mode and it adjusts automatically with the air quality, plus I love the design."
- Nancy M., Santa Cruz, CA

"The Source air purifier was a breath of fresh air for my room! It was so easy to use and I really enjoyed the different colored LED light indicators that displayed the air quality. Also, the fan was so quiet that I barely even knew that it was on."
- Darren S., Reno, NV

"I picked up a Brondell Balance and since I've had it in my home, I've noticed a big change in the air quality. Thanks for making my air so much better"
- Tom C., Asheville, NC