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How to Heal Hemorrhoids Fast

Posted by Steve Scheer on Feb 6th 2019

The thing about hemorrhoids is that no one really wants to sit down and talk about them. There aren’t too many of us out there ready to discuss the virtual inevitability of experiencing this degree of rectal-vascular inflammation or like deconstruct what it means to fear the business end of a bicycle seat. Many of those suffering the stress and sting of swollen sinusoids are too shy to reach out in the name of like rectal relief or anal advice. The ointment aisles of every drug store are littered with the lost, broken, embarrassed and bowlegged.

These days, over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams are copped with the sleight of hand of a real black-market stealth swap, the users resigned to the perp walk of Preparation H abashment. But why? Why are we not sharing our remedies, regiments and relief strategies with the abandon of a passionate proctologist? Where are the online clinics on  how to relieve hemorrhoid pain or what to do to relieve hemorrhoids? Where are the online communities, the chat rooms, the colonostic comradery? Three in four people will experience this ailment in their lifetime, so let’s get it all out in the open or at least talk about it out in the open.

Here, we’ll outline our number one natural remedy for your number two problem,  the modern bidet seat! We'll also outline a few other solutions from ointments to sitz baths while taking a dive inside our biggest butt problem and bringing some hope to those affected. Let’s get into it.

How to treat hemorrhoids fast

You can't beat the bidet

Perhaps one of the best ways to cope, cure, and even prevent the perils of rectal piles is by washing with a gentle, thorough, and non-abrasive jet of clean water and saving your butt from the scratch and scrape of harsh toilet papers and wipes. Bidets are like your Swiss Army knife in the fight against hemorrhoids. They not only alleviate the problems associated with symptoms but can relieve the irritation incurred after the fact.

Constipation is a key contributor to the problem of hemorrhoids. When we’re all stopped up, it takes a lot more pelvic and bowel strain to push your poop to its desired destination. With so much heaving and force driving your business, the veins in your undercarriage can easily be stressed to their breaking point. This is why it’s common for women to suffer the wrath of post-natal hemorrhoids after being in labor for prolonged periods of time.

With a high-powered warm water wash,  electronic bidet seats and more affordable non-electric bidet attachments are a great tool in breaking things up and getting them moving down there so you can enjoy an easygoing number 2. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t achieve the consistency and flow of absolute regularity, simply sit over your bidet nozzle, turn it up to full blast and let it do the work for you. This way you aren’t straining yourself into a sore situation.

Maybe it’s too late for you and you’ve found yourself in the midst of a hemorrhoidal outbreak. Maybe you were straining on the toilet or spending too much time on the throne. Perhaps you’ve neglected your recommended 35 grams of daily fiber intake and now you’re paying for it with a nasty case of anal vascular inflammation. It hurts to go. It hurts more to wipe. It’s painful just to think about it.

Thankfully,  bidets are the best way to cope with the pain of hemorrhoids. By washing you with a gentle stream of water, and many models even including a totally touch-free warm air dryer, bidets are a superior alternative to the harsh, abrasive sweep of conventional toilet paper or wasteful wet wipes. Simply do your thing and adjust the spray to its most comforting levels of pressure, width, and warmth and give your butt a refreshing break from painful paper. This will not only feel better in the moment but will also prevent further irritation and inflammation of the affected area.

If you’re looking for the most natural, soothing way to relieve and prevent hemorrhoids, bidets are definitely your best option. Choosing the right bidet for you is as simple as going online and selecting a unit that fits your needs and budget. With an array of options out there, from  inexpensive bidet attachments starting at under $40 to ergonomic, easy-install bidet sprayers to the decked out electronic bidets with everything from heated seats, custom wash settings, warm air dryers, even built-in deodorizers, there’s an option for anyone!

Bidets are one of the best way to help with healing hemorrhoids fast

Preparation is key

Another common way to relieve the problematic PIA known as hemorrhoids is with the application of Pfizer’s best-selling butt cream, Preparation H, or phenylephrine as it’s known in its generic form. Phenylephrine works as an alternative to decongestant pseudoephedrines, effectively constricting the blood vessels around the application site to help decrease swelling and irritation caused by internal vascular hemorrhaging. In laymen’s terms, it restricts blood flow to the hemorrhoid so that it doesn’t get bigger and nastier.

These products might also contain ingredients and additives like lidocaine, a local anesthetic numbing agent, or hydrocortisone, a topical immunosuppressant, to help with pain or itch. In cases of chronic hemorrhoid pain,  Preparation H and phenylephrine ointments are a great way to reduce swelling and initiate quick relief.

Sitz back and relax

One simple and effective method for natural hemorrhoid relief is as easy as drawing a warm bath. For centuries, the  healing qualities of the sitz bath have been attributed to acute relief for maladies like hemorrhoids, anal fissures, rectal surgery, episiotomies, IBS, pilonidal cysts, uterine cramps and infections of the bladder, prostate or vagina. For hemorrhoids specifically, the sitz bath is a great way to keep the affected area clean while opening up the flow of blood to and from the swollen and irritated veins.

To prepare a sitz bath, run a warm bath and sit in it up to your waist for several minutes. You could also throw in some household additives like salt, baking soda, or vinegar to aid in the healing process.

Sitz bath is one solution to help heal hemorrhoids quickly

Sit soundly

With so many now available, we no longer have to suffer the sting of and soreness of rectal irritation that once plagued so many. Whether you’re wanting to prevent and relieve hemorrhoid pain fast with a modern bidet seat, treat them with Preparation H, or soothe with a sitz bath, today’s solutions are effective in not only relieving the pain but preventing the instances of future outbreaks so you can focus on leading a happy, healthy and hemorrhoid-free life.