Installation Videos

Brondell Installation Videos

Brondell designs all of our products to be easy to install - with many of them taking no more than 10 minutes. Please reference the videos below when installing your newest Brondell product. As always, if you find that you're having difficulties, reach out to our expert Customer Service team at 888-542-3355.



Swash Bidet Seats

Installation Guide for Swash 1400 and 1200


Installation Guide for Swash SE600


Installation Guide for Swash SE400


Installation Guide for Swash 300, 900, CL825, and 1000.
Please note that while only the 900 and 1000 specifically mentioned here, installation for all 4 models is exactly the same.


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Spa Series Bidet Attachments

SimpleSpa Thinline Bidet (SS-150)


PureSpa Easy Bidet (PS-65)


PureSpa Dual Temperature (PSW-75)


FreshSpa Easy Bidet (FS-10)


FreshSpa Dual Temp (FSW-20)


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Spa Series Hand-Held Bidets

CleanSpa Luxury(CSL-40)


CleanSpa Advanced (CSA-35)


CleanSpa Dual Spray (CS-30)


SimpleSpa (SS-201)


PureSpa (PS-90)


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H2O+ Water Filtration Systems

Brondell Circle Reverse Osmosis System


Brondell Coral Three-Stage and Single-Stage Under-Counter Systems


Brondell Cypress Triple-Stage Countertop System


Brondell Pearl Single-Stage Countertop System


"Quick Connect" Hose and Filter Connections

All of Brondell’s H2O+ water filtration products use “Quick Connect” connectors when installing the product, and in some cases when replacing the filters. Using these “Quick Connects” makes installation and maintenance easy!


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