Some of the Best Designs Are the Ones You Can’t See

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Some of the Best Designs Are the Ones You Can’t See


San Francisco, CA – January 12, 2016

In today’s see-and-be-seen culture, it’s rare for anything amazing to go deliberately unnoticed.
And yet that’s exactly what two of the most efficient water filtration systems on the market are designed to do.

The Brondell H2O+ Coral Water Filtration System and Circle Reverse Osmosis (RO) system are specifically designed to live under the counter or sink, where they take tap water potentially contaminated with anything from chlorine, bacteria, viruses, and waterborne microorganisms to VOC’s and heavy metals, and turn it into pristine drinking water safe for your family.

Coral Water Filtration System
The Brondell Coral Water Filtration system comes in two models, both Gold Seal Certified (by the Water Quality Association, or WQA) – a single-stage version (UC100) perfect for smaller households, and its triple-stage counterpart (UC300) that’s ideal for larger families. Each is designed to exist under the counter, freeing up much-needed counter space. Both forms offer superior filtration performance, along with easy twist-and-seal filter removal and replacement. Equipped with double O-rings to prevent leaks and an elegant chrome faucet that features an integrated LED filter change indicator to let you know as soon as it’s time for new filters, both models were created with easy maintenance in mind. The single-stage version includes a carbon block filter that needs replacing every six months, and the triple-stage model features the same carbon block filter as well as sediment and pre-carbon filters that need to be replaced yearly.

Circle Reverse Osmosis System
The Brondell Circle’s exclusive Smart Valve and integrated circular flexible water tank eliminate the need for electricity and significantly reduce the product’s footprint. This non-electric design means that it’s both eco-friendly and ecnonomical, because it reduces power consumption and wastewater. It eliminates backpressure in the water tank (making the Circle a leader in efficiency), and reduces wastewater to an average of 2.1 gallons for every gallon of drinking water – up to 10 times as efficient as conventional systems currently being sold. In addition, the Circle’s refill rates are more than twice as fast as non-electric systems - and equally as fast as those with electric pumps.

DIY installation is simple, with features such as twist-and-seal filters and “quick-connect” tube fittings. The small footprint and elegant design also mean more space under your counter. The Circle comes with a designer faucet that has a unique integrated LED filter change indicator, making filter maintenance a breeze. The system features auto-flushing, ensuring constant water flow, and an impressive two-year RO membrane filter life.

The Brondell H2O+ Coral Water Filtration system and Circle RO System deliver water savings, power savings, and space-savings all in a beautiful design – that’s specifically designed not to be seen! “The Brondell water filtration systems deliver market-leading efficiency and performance while also delivering on simplicity of design,” says Steven Scheer, President of Brondell. For your health and for your home, choose Brondell for better water!


About Brondell

Established in 2003, San Francisco based Brondell, Inc. is a Mark Cuban-backed, privately held developer of innovative, high-quality healthy home products dedicated to improving daily living one room at a time.

Brondell currently sells the Swash line of advanced bidet toilet seats, the LumaWarm heated nightlight toilet seat, the SpaSuite of entry level bidet products, the H2O+ line of water filtration systems, and the O2+ line of air purification systems. Its unique blend of the latest technology and modern design has earned numerous awards.