Hot/Cold Mixing Valve Upgrade Kit
for Hand-held Bidets

Heat things up. With our Hand-held Bidet Hot/Cold Mixing Valve Upgrade Kit, your bidet sprayer can deliver a soothing, warm water wash.

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A little warmth makes everything more comfortable.

When it comes to cleansing, cool water gets the job done, but a warm water wash adds a touch of luxury. Elevate your handheld sprayer with the addition of our high-quality brass mixing valve, designed to deliver warm water from your sink straight to your bidet.

  • provides endless warm water from your sink’s hot water supply

  • planet-friendly use with no electricity required

  • easy-access water pressure control

  • solid brass-core valve with safety shutoff

  • includes 2 T-valves with standard ½” and ⅜” connections

Item #SAM-MVK-10

Full Features

Sustainability in your bathroom
  • long-lasting warm water, without the need for electricity
  • switching to a bidet saves trees, water, and energy
High-quality construction
  • all-metal parts for long-lasting performance
  • intuitive water pressure control with safety shutoff
  • simple, DIY installation
3.63”(L) x 1.25”(W) x 3.25”(H)
.90 lbs
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