In an age in which “modern family” no longer refers to a hit TV show, biological mothers are not the only ones being celebrated this May. No, foster mothers, adopted mothers, godmothers, aunts and grandmothers who stood in as mothers, men who raised their kids and were both father and mother…all these and many more maternal figures will be celebrated this coming Mother’s Day. So how will you tell the “mom” in your life how much you appreciate all that she (or he!) has done for you?

While it’s a given that no matter what you do will earn you high praise (see: every mother ever who’s gushed over the folded-and-stained construction paper heart with “MOM” scrawled across its front in barely legible block letters), perhaps it’s time this year to gift the mother in your life with a present she’d never buy herself…and that will be useful and/or memorable to her for years to come.

Of course, we know how cliché that sounds. It’s what you hear every Mother’s Day, in conjunction with any-and-every item on the planet that’s on sale and “priced to move!” But we mean it wholeheartedly, and we’ve really thought about what the phrase means. It might be easier to first eliminate what not to buy. Does your mom really need a teddy bear holding a heart that says “I ♥ Mom?” Or a mug emblazoned with “Mom Of The Century?” Or a t-shirt with a picture of her kids airbrushed on the front? While we’re sure she’d appreciate the sentiment behind each of these, the answer to whether she needs any of them is likely no…she doesn’t. And she’ll likely only use them out of guilt. So. This year, rather than purchasing something we want to give our moms, why not buy something our moms want to get? Changes your mindset a bit, doesn’t it?

Now, we’re not telling you what to buy. Each mom is unique, as is your relationship with yours. It could be something as grand as sending her on that Mediterranean cruise she’s talked about booking for decades, or as simple as packing a picnic lunch and telling her to bring her favorite book for an afternoon in the sun. It could be tickets to her favorite band or opera, or cinema passes to that movie she hasn’t stopped talking about for weeks. But what it should be is particular to her, and to the things from which she derives the most pleasure.

We’re well aware that we have to put our money where our mouths are when it comes to dispensing any advice, let alone advice that concerns mothers (and mom substitutes whom are loved just as well). So we conducted an informal office survey, and laughed out loud at its results. Many of us here at Brondell, as it turns out, will be giving our moms a Swash bidet seat. It falls right into the category of something they’d never buy themselves…but which they’ll use every day. (Our employee discount doesn’t hurt either, as long as we’re being totally upfront. But that applies to ALL our products…and the vast majority of us chose to apply it to the Swash for our moms)! And while yeah, it’s a little bit weird to think of Mom smiling in appreciation of us whenever she leaves the bathroom, it’s a whole lot better than her grimacing as she puts another “Best Mom Ever” mug into the cupboard. You know, next to the rest of them.

(P.S. – just as a heads-up to those with a dad as their maternal figure…guys love the Swash just as much as women. If not more).

Good luck finding out just what your maternal figure wants to get this year…we promise that whatever it is, it’ll beat “Mr. Huggy With the Heart!” Happy May and Happy Mother’s Day, from our Brondell family to all of yours!