Love. With Valentine’s Day being February’s big claim to fame, it’s a concept that’s top-of-mind for many people this month. But because many people associate the holiday primarily with romantic love, other forms of “amore” get left out in the (considerable) cold. Let’s not forget that there are all types of love…and just as many ways to show the recipients of our affections that we care.

We’re all more than familiar with the million-and-one (tired, old) ways to prove our love to our romantic Valentines. Chocolates? Check. Red roses? You know it. Lacy lingerie? Last-minute lifesavers. All well and good…for your significant other, at least. But what about the other loves of our lives?

What about the dad who drove you to practice every day when he got off work? Or the grandmother who fed you dinner every night because your mom worked late? Or the older brother who tutored you to be sure you were accepted into your first-choice college? From beloved childhood nannies to cherished teachers to the coworker who leaves a latte-your-way on your desk twice a week, too many loves go unnoticed on Valentine’s Day. Once you’ve decided to acknowledge your platonic Valentine, however, there’s the question…what to get them that says “I love you (but not in that way)?”

One way to answer that question is by considering what they might need, but would never buy themselves…these are often the most thoughtful gifts. For some that means a gas card, for others it’s a personalized coupon book offering rides to doctors’ appointments. Our suggestion? An air purifier. Now, bear with us. It’s not the sexiest, nor the most romantic of Valentine’s presents. We realize this. But it shows you care about the person as a whole…and for longer than just a day. Making sure that the very air your loved one breathes is as clean as possible says “I love you” for the whole year round, not just for a couple hours of dinner or the week it takes flowers to wither.