Tap water costs less than a penny a gallon while bottled water costs us 300 times more than tap water.

So you’re still lugging home cases of water, adding dollars to your weekly grocery bill for an essential that comes gushing from your faucets for next to nothing? Yeah, we all want to provide the safest options for our families, but as it turns out, using an at-home water filter is not only safer than bottled water but immensely more economical. And to top it off, you don’t have to go around lugging cases of water when you use an at-home filter. Still not sold on water filters? Read on, and we’ll break down a few more reasons why using an at-home water filtration system is the way to go.

#1: Water filtration is more sustainable than buying bottled water.

Believe it or not, few water bottles are actually recycled. As it turns out, only 38% of plastic water bottles are actually recycled, while the other 62% ends up in landfills across the U.S.  And for every 1 liter of bottled water, 3 liters of water are used in the cleaning and manufacturing process. Lastly, the bottling process emits millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the air every year. When you use an at-home water filter, you help reduce the number of bottles that end up in landfills, as well as reduce the amount of water wasted during bottled water production.

#2: At-home water filtration makes water that is cleaner than bottled water.

According to a study by the Environmental Working Group, bottled water is loaded with harmful contaminants, such as fertilizer, plastic byproducts, and medical waste. Because of these findings and the fact that many plastic bottles are made with Bisphenol-A, a carbon-based chemical, the President’s Cancer Panel recommends against drinking bottled water.

#3: Point-of-use filtration is much more cost effective than bottled water.

When you factor in all of the different types of bottled water available, from single serve bottles to cases, Americans spend about $1.22 per gallon on bottled water every year. Considering that tap water costs less than a penny a gallon on average, bottled water costs us about 300 times more than tap water. Sure, water filtration systems come at a cost, but they only add about $.02 to the cost of every pint of water, still making water filtration much more cost effective than bottled water.

#4: Water filtration systems are low maintenance and easy to use.

Faucet mounted point-of-use filters and pitcher filters use removable carbon filters to remove contaminants from water, and you only have to replace them every couple months or so. Even countertop filtration systems, such as the Brondell Cypress H360, are incredibly easy to maintain. The great thing about the Brondell Cypress is that you only have to replace the filters once a year. Unlike other countertop filtration systems, the Brondell Cypress uses a patented 3-stage water filtration system to remove industrial waste, pesticides, and other chemicals that end up in your tap water. And when it comes time to change out the filters, replacing them couldn’t possibly be easier- just plug them in, and you’re good to go for another year.

#5: Filtered tap water tastes much fresher and cleaner than bottled water. 

No matter how many contaminants are removed prior to bottling, there’s just no getting rid of that harsh plastic taste from bottled water. When you use an in-home water filter, you can fill a reusable BPA-free sports bottle with your very own fresh filtered water. Not only will the water taste fresher, but you’ll save some dough in the process.


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