Filtered Shower Head Testimonials

Satisfied VivaSpring Testers

"Never have I seen such a fast and noticeable improvement in my eczema! My skin physically looks smoother and feels much softer. I can’t believe something as simple as switching my showerhead made such a huge difference!"
 - Camille from Seattle, WA

"I’ve been a dandruff sufferer most of my adult life, and I can tell you that the VivaSpring has helped a lot. I’ve tried different types of shampoo, natural remedies, etc. We got the VivaSpring a couple months ago to try, and ever since then I’ve seen a huge improvement in my dandruff. My hair looks healthy again, and I’m not afraid to wear a black shirt anymore.  Definitely will be buying a second one for the other bathroom."
 - Nick from Chicago, IL

"I’ve been dyeing my hair every color of the rainbow for the better part of a decade and as a result I am prone to dry, brittle hair. After doing a bit of research (and some advice from my stylist), I decided to give a filtered showerhead a try.
Not only does my hair feel fuller and smoother, but the color lasts longer! It’s fantastic!
And I also have to mention - the showerhead itself is beautiful. Much more stylish than the other ones I found during my research."
 - Katie from San Francisco, CA

"Awesome product that benefits the whole family! Sometimes I get acne breakouts when the temperatures and humidity soar, but haven’t had any breakouts since using the VivaSpring. My son’s asthma has even improved since using it. Highly recommend!"
 - Dan from Orlando, FL

"I usually don’t write product reviews, but the VivaSpring is incredible. I’ve had the VivaSpring for a couple weeks now and I’m so happy with it!
I generally wake up pretty early to meditate before class (I teach yoga), and recently I’ve felt more awake and ready to start the day. The shower water smells cleaner, my hair looks shinier, and my skin glows after using the VivaSpring. I can really feel a difference and holistically feel healthier and younger. Also, it’s eco-friendly!"
 - Stacy from Boston, MA