The Biggest Year for Bidets Was the Biggest Year for Brondell

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The Biggest Year for Bidets Was the Biggest Year for Brondell


San Francisco, CA – January 12, 2016

2015 was the year of the bidet.
The New York Times published a hit article entitled “Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat Is the Luxury You Won’t Want to Live Without,” and subsequently posted a blog entry about electronic bidets called “The Cult of the Toto Toilet.” Good magazine declared “It’s Time for Americans to Get Over It and Embrace the Bidet.” TechHire blasted out that “Every Well-Connected Home Needs A Smart Bidet Toilet Seat That Cleans Itself.” And none other than U.S. News & World Report entered the fray with a piece called “A New Bottom Line: Bidets Gain Popularity In U.S.” Yes, the electronic bidet had been making its way to the stage for years…but became the star of the bathroom show in 2015.

“It may sound as if I’m exaggerating when I say that a high-tech, warm-water-spraying bidet toilet seat ruined me for regular toilets, but I’m not. I don’t know how you guys do it. I look at your normal toilets, the ones with seats that are as cold as ice, the ones that don’t spray and buff your nethers with a soothing shower of cleansing H2O, and I shake my head.” This quote from NYT blogger Farhad Manjoo is undeniably the prevailing sentiment of anyone who’s tried an electronic bidet toilet seat. Others go so far as to describe using toilet paper to clean oneself after using the restroom as “barbaric.” While it’s true that bathroom habits are as intensely personal as they are varied, the striking similarity in the tone of reviews across multiple brands’ products tells a certain story: the bidet’s popularity in the United States is only beginning. And 2015 was the year the murmurs of its ascent in the bathroom market turned into a roar.

2015 was Brondell’s biggest year yet. In lockstep with the growth of the electronic bidet industry as a whole, 2015 was Brondell’s most successful year since its inception in 2003. The company’s personnel grew by 30% in the past 12 months, and growth by another 20% is anticipated in 2016. Besides the expansion of the company itself, its distribution has expanded by upwards of 23%, a number that is only projected to increase over the course of the year. Several exciting announcements will be made throughout that time as well, including new product launches and an expansion into additional product categories. Additionally, the launch of a modern and intuitive new website will kick off what promises to replace 2015 as Brondell’s biggest year ever.

“The fact that ‘The Year of the Bidet’ and what we term ‘The Year of Brondell’ are one and the same is no coincidence,” says Steve Scheer, Brondell President. “We look forward to having our growth match that of the industry again in 2016…and beyond.” Kicking off the “Year of Brondell” with a brand-new booth at KBIS 2016 is certainly a step in that direction.

About Brondell

Established in 2003, San Francisco based Brondell, Inc. is a Mark Cuban-backed, privately held developer of innovative, high-quality healthy home products dedicated to improving daily living one room at a time.

Brondell currently sells the Swash line of advanced bidet toilet seats, the LumaWarm heated nightlight toilet seat, the SpaSuite of entry level bidet products, the H2O+ line of water filtration systems, and the O2+ line of air purification systems. Its unique blend of the latest technology and modern design has earned numerous awards.