Bidet Testimonials

Satisfied Brondell Bidet Customers

"My wife and I ordered a Swash bidet seat for our masterbath. We didn't tell our six-year old twins about it but in no time we were waiting in line for our own bathroom! The boys loved it so much we ordered one for them. My wife loves the Swash bidet wash because it makes doing the boys' laundry much easier and cleaner!"
 - Rocky, Paula, Wendy, Ryan, Austin, Carson and Hunt

"The Brondell Swash advanced bidet toilet seat is a wonder of ergonomics and hygiene enhancement. Plus, it's for use by men as well as women."
 - Dr. Marcus Laux, Naturally Well Today

"In the wintertime, I can't even TELL you how good it feels to sit on a heated toilet seat. AND I don't feel NEARLY as clean when I use a toilet anywhere else besides my own 'Swash bidet seat-equipped' bathroom!"
 - J. Meyer

"The Swash bidet toilet seat is an excellent product and is effective in both concept and design. We like it and highly recommend it!"
 - Byron & Virginia B

"With clean styling and luxurious features, the Brondell Swash bidet seat provides a great solution for designers and home remodelers alike."
 - Anthony LoGrande, Designer, New York

"I have the Swash bidet seat installed in the new bathroom of my gynecological practice. My patients love it. They find it comfortable, easy to use, and fun". Washing with water is a much more hygienic way to clean feminine areas following urination, during menstruation, and after intercourse. And, because water is less irritating than dry toilet paper, it is ideal for post operation care and during and after pregnancy."
 - Deborah Lyn Levich, MD, MBA

"Being a handicapped senior who recently had shoulder replacement surgery, I have found it challenging to get around the bathroom. The Brondell Swash bidet toilet seat is a God-send in my particular situation. But it's not just beneficial to me. I think all seniors and handicapped people will benefit from the Swash's easy-to-use and hygienic features."
 - Joni L., Coldwater, Michigan

"It is great. It's like, once you try business class, it is really hard to go back to coach!"
 - K. Noel, Naperville, IL

"I do not think you realize what a niche you have, nor the pain the elderly have with bathroom requirements, both men and women. Your bidet seat is a blessing in times of need. Every toilet in every nursing home in the U.S. should have a Swash toilet seat. I am not only a care giver, I am an architect. I have designed care giving facilities, and have met the people living there."
 - Mark Carroll, Atlanta

"Having IBS has been a monkey on my back(side). The Swash bidet seat has given me a new take on my post-movement lifestyle. The toilet is often an excruciating exercise for me, but Swash provides a comfortable refreshing finish to the ordeal. While the Swash bidet toilet seat doesn't cure IBS, it makes living with IBS much, much more comfortable and bearable. I can't imagine another day with IBS without the Swash!"
 - Swash User

"Equal benefit for male and female users. The improvement is the obvious improvement over standard TP use, not to be too graphic, but TP seems kinda dirty now, and we hate using the facilities at work, preferring to use them at home!"
 - Don F., Santa Rosa, CA

"It's a great solution if you like bidets but don't have room or plumbing for one."
 - P. Fink, Truckee, CA

"My mother-in-law, has had multiple intestinal cancer surgeries and needs to use the toilet more often than most. The Swash bidet toilet seat makes it more comfortable for her so that she does not need to use rough toilet paper."
 - Kevin C.

"Clean feeling, low maintenance, well made overall. I mentioned the clean feeling, right? That's really reason enough..."
 - Melanie B., San Francisco

"My entire family agrees that the Swash bidet seat is the only thing in our house we could never live without again!"
 - Scott Epstein, Denver, CO