Brondell is a leading developer of award-winning products that combine the latest technology and design to deliver a better hospitality bathroom experience through simple, elegant bathroom upgrades for hotels and the guests who stay with them.

Our bidet seats deliver a memorable guest experience that help differentiate properties from the crowd. Here is a quick overview of the bidet toilet seat benefits we offer that are hospitality-specific:

  • Advanced Bidet Toilet Seats simply replace toilet seats, retrofitting directly onto the existing toilet with no special plumbing needed
  • Guests are wowed by the latest bathroom tech for a differentiated better bathroom experience
  • International guests are expecting this amenity in the room and are disgusted when it’s not there
  • Put them in suites and upcharge guests looking for this amenity
  • Reduce toilet paper cost and maintenance issues due to clogs by reducing toilet paper on average by 75%
  • Deodorizer eliminates bathroom odors solving ventilation issues
  • In-room purchase program where we drop-ship (as we do daily with our retailers) direct to the guest’s home and the hotel makes high gross profit per unit purchased

Brondell has provided bathroom products to the following hotels: The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria, Mandarin Oriental, The Peninsula, Bellagio, The Best Western, Days Inn, and more.

For more information about how Brondell can help you with your next project, please contact us toll free 1-888-542-3355 or send us an email to